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Emissive object

    An object that emits light usually some sort of chemical reaction, such as the burning gasses of the sun or the heated filament of a light bulb.

Emissive, английский

Emissive electrode, английский

Emissive material, английский
    A type of material that causes the object to appear as if it is giving off light. the color of the light is determined by the color of the material. emoji

Object, английский
  1. To protest to the court against an act or omission by the opposing party

  2. Объект

  3. Задача; цель

  4. The subject matter or figure imaged by, or seen through, an optical system.

  5. N 1 лог. объект; 2 лнгв. дополнение (член предложения ); cognate ~ дополнение-существительное, од- нокоренное глаголу direct ~ прямое дополнение; прямой объект indirect ~ непрямое дополнение oblique ~ косвенное дополнение

  6. A drawing, image, shape, text, or other form of information that has been added to the artboard.

  7. A table, chart, graphic, equation, or other form of information.

  8. An entity in a graph edge that the action is performed on.

  9. An entity within sql server.

  10. An entity, such as a file, folder, shared folder, printer, or active directory object, described by a distinct, named set of attributes. for example, the attributes of a file object include its name, location, and size; the attributes of an active directory user object might include the user’s first name, last name, and e-mail address.

  11. In object-oriented programming, an instance of a class. an object comprises data and methods that act on the data, and is treated as a discrete entity.

  12. A collection of variables and functions brought together in a programming system to represent a physical thing, its data and its function.

  13. Один или несколько элементов чертежа (текст, размеры" отрезки, окружности полилинии и т.п.), рассматриваемые как единое целое при их создании, обработке и модификации.

Object, английский

Object (of interest), английский

Object actions, английский
    Команды объекта

Object adapter, английский
    Объектный адаптер

Object adapter interface, английский
    Интерфейс объектного адаптера

Object address register, английский
    Регистр объектных адресов

Object anchor, английский
    A format code in a desktop publishing or word processing document that keeps an element in the document, such as a figure or a caption or a label associated with the figure, in a certain position in the document. the anchored object is generally attached to another element in the document.

Object application, английский

Object architecture, английский
    Объектная архитектура

Object background, английский
    Фон объекта object-based language объектно-базирующийся язык

Object ball, английский
    The ball to be legally struck by the cue ball, or the ball to be pocketed

Object ball angle error, английский
    The angle between the actual object ball impact line (path) and the desired target line direction

Object ball swerve, английский
    Very slight change in ob angle caused by masse spin transferred from the cb in a draw or follow shot

Object balls, английский
    The balls other than the cue ball

Object beam, английский
    The light from a laser beam that illuminated the object and is reflected to the holographic film.

Object broker, английский
    Брокер объектных запросов; посредник объектных запросов

Fluorescent lamp, английский
  1. A lass tube filled with mercury gas and coated on its inner surface with phosphors. when the gas is charged with an electrical current, radiation is produced which in turn energizes the phosphors, causing the phosphors to glow.

  2. A low-pressure electricdischarge lamp; ultraviolet-light radiation is generated by the passage of an arc through mercury vapor; the inner surface of the lamp tube is coated with a phosphor which absorbs the ultraviolet and converts some of it into visible light. flow pressure 424 flue lining fluorescent lamp

  3. Commonly and improperly designates an electric lamplike device emitting ultraviolet radiations or black light.

  4. A glass globe or tube the inner surface of which is coated with a fluorescent substance that produces visible light when excited by an electrical current.

Electromagnetic spectrum, английский
  1. The massive band of electromagnetic waves that pass through the air in different sizes, as measured by wavelength. different wavelengths have different properties, but most are invisible, and some completely undetectable, to human beings. only wavelengths

  2. The electromagnetic spectrum covers a wide range of wavelengths and photon energies. it ranges from gamma rays at one end (high frequency, high energy and low wave length) to radio waves at the other (low frequency, low energy and long wave length).for io

  3. The frequency range of electromagnetic radiation that includes radio waves, light and x-rays. at the low frequency end are sub-audible frequencies (e.g., 10 hz) and at the other end, extremely high frequencies (e.g., x-rays, cosmic rays).

  4. The range of frequencies and wavelengths emitted by atomic systems. the total spectrum includes radio waves as well as short cosmic rays. frequencies cover a range from 1 hz to perhaps as high as 1020 hz.

  5. The entire range of radient energy, including x-ray, visible light, infrared, radiation, radio waves, etc.

  6. Электромагнитный спектр; спектр электромагнитных волн

  7. The wavelength range of the various forms of electromagnetic radiation.