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Spectral curve

    A color's "fingerprint" (a visual representation of a color's spectral data. a spectral curve is plotted on a grid comprised of a vertical axis); and a horizontal axis (the visible spectrum of wavelengths. the percentage of reflected light is pl

Curve, английский
  1. A track with continuous change in direction of alignment by means of an arc of a single or variable radius.

  2. Кривая

  3. Площадь, ограниченная (участком) кривой нагрузка - деформация ~ of bending moment diagram площадь эпюры моментов

Curve, английский

Curve, английский

Curve analyzer, английский
    Анализатор кривых

Curve behavior, английский
    Поведение кривой; характер изменения кривой

Curve complexity, английский
    Сложность кривой

Curve compound, английский
    A curve comprising two or more differing radii but in the same direction.

Curve fitting, английский
  1. Нанесение (элемента) контура (детали) по заданным координатам (на экране дисплея, при программировании)

  2. Вычерчивание кривой по точкам curve-fitting algorithm алгоритм подбора кривой curve-fitting compaction уплотнение при помощи приближенного описания кривой curve-fitting program программа вычерчивания кривых

Curve follower, английский
    Повторитель кривых; графоповторитель

Curve follower logic, английский
    Логика программного слежения

Curve generator, английский
    Генератор кривых

Curve object, английский
    Объект-кривая; объект типа "кривая"

Curve of cross-sectional areas, английский
    Строевая по шпангоутам

Curve of the coast, английский
    When the shore alternately recedes and projects gradually, so as to trend towards a curve shape.

Curve plotter, английский

Curve point, английский
    Точка кривой; сглаженный узел

Curve reduction, английский
    Выпрямление кривой

Curve reverse, английский
    A curve comprising successive and closely spaced curves in opposite directions. it is usual to connect reverse curves with a straight.

Curve scanner, английский
    Прибор для снятия кривых; сканер кривых

Curve shot, английский
    A shot using a slightly elevated cue and bottom-side english to create massé (swerve) action to curve the cue ball a small amount around an obstacle ball

Curve top, английский
    A bifocal lens with the top line of the segment slightly curved instead of straight.

Fingerprint, английский
  1. The distinctive pattern of lines on human fingertips that are used as a method of identification in criminal cases

  2. A mark left by a finger when something is touched.  genetic

  3. Отпечаток; след; идентификационная метка; отличительная метка

  4. Any unique identifying characteristic on a diamond

Representation, английский
  1. N репрезента- ция, представление knowledge ~ представление знаний internal ~ псхл. внутреннее представление mental ~ ментальная репрезентация

  2. A collateral statement of such facts not inserted on the policy of insurance, as may give the underwriters a just estimate of the risk of the adventure. (see warranty.)

  3. A representation is a set of conventions about how to describe a class of things. representation will generally consist of four parts: 1. a lexicon that determines which symbols are in it vocabulary; 2. a structural part that describes the constraints on the symbols; 3. a collection of methods or procedures that allow the symbols to be manipulated and queried; and 4. a semantics that specifies the meaning of the symbols and their relationships. re-ranking in handwriting and text recognition systems, the task of re-ranking allows the candidate interpretations developed by the recognizer to be ranked or scored according to the language model. see also: word n-gram re-ranking, word-tag model.

  4. If something stands in place of or is chosen to substitute for something else, the former is considered a representation of the latter. e.g., representation of constituencies in government, linguistic representation of an event (->symbol). the 66 belief that all knowledge is a representation of the properties of the real world is as unacceptable as the insistence that all descriptions or messages are about something else.

Horizontal, английский
  1. Горизонталь; горизонтальный

  2. Горизонталь; горизонтальный 287

  3. At right angles to the direction of gravity; on the level; parallel to the horizon; neither vertical nor inclined.

  4. A direction parallel to the horizon, or what is commonly termed lying flat. one of the greatest inconveniences navigators have to struggle with is the frequent want of a distinct sight of the horizon. to obviate this a horizontal spinning speculum was adopted by mr. lerson, who was lost in the victory man-of-war, in which ship he was sent out to make trial of his instrument. this was afterwards improved by smeaton, and consists of a well-polished metal speculum about 3-1/2 inches in diameter, inclosed within a circular rim of brass, so fitted that the centre of gravity of the whole shall fall near the point on which it spins. this is the end of a steel axis running through the centre of the speculum, above which it finishes in a square for the convenience of fitting a

Percentage, английский
  1. Pourcentage

  2. Процент

  3. The proportion rate in every hundred or for every hundred  what is the percentage of long-stay patients in the hospital?

  4. Процент; процентное содержание; процентный состав; процентное отношение percentage-of-completion method метод "по мере готовности"

  5. Процентное значение; значение величины, выраженное в процентах; процентное содержание о ~ by

  6. Комиссионные (выраженные в процентах)

Wavelength, английский
  1. Light is made up of electromagnetic waves; wavelength is the crest (peak)-to-crest distance between two adjacent waves.

  2. Для оптических сетевых устройств длина волны светового потока составляет 850, 1300, 1310 и 1550 нм

  3. The optical term for frequency. fiber optics generally uses the 850 nm, 1300/1310 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm wavelengths for transmission purpose due to the marriage of performance with light sources, optical fibers, and optical detector technologies

  4. Distance in the direction of propagation of a periodic wave between two successive points at which the phase is the same. tel 203•377•8282 fax 203•378•2457 e-mail res_sales@oriel.com url www.oriel.com 9-17 polarization lenses optics prisms & filters beam splitters windows, substrates & mirrors properties of optical coatings optical materials

  5. The length of the light wave, usually measured from crest to crest, which determines its color. common units of measurement are the micrometer (micron), the nanometer, and the angstrom unit.

  6. The spatial period of a plane wave

  7. The distance between "waves" in the electromagnetic field, specified as angstroms or nanometers.

  8. The distance an electromagnetic wave travels in the time it takes to oscillate through a complete cycle. wavelengths of light are measured in nanometers (10-9 m) or micrometers (10-6m).

  9. The linear distance occupied by one complete cycle of vibration of an energy form from any given point to the next point characterized by the same phase.

  10. For light waves or sound waves, the distance between two successive points of a periodic wave in the direction of propagation, in which the oscillation has the same phase; the distance the wave travels in one period. for light waves three common units of wavelength are: micrometer, nanometer, and angstrom. wave molding, oundy molding, swelled chamfer, undulating molding, undy

  11. Длина волны wax 1. воск 2. парафин 3. пластичная глина way 1. путь; дорога 2. проход; переход 3. колея 4. направление, сторона 5. амер, расстояние

  12. The physical length between corresponding points of successive cycles of a wave. low frequencies have long wavelengths; high frequencies have short wavelengths.

  13. The distance between the crests of a wave in a radio signal, measured as the speed of light divided by the frequency in- hz.

  14. The distance between one peak of a wave and the next peak

  15. Light is measured by its wavelength (in nanometers) or frequency (in hertz). one wavelength. equals the distance between two successive wave crests.

  16. The distance between two points having the same phase in two consecutive cycles of a periodic wave, along a line in the direction of propagation.

  17. Distance between repeating values of a wave — for example, the distance from one peak to the next peak on a sine wave. wavelength is a fundamental descriptor when discussing wave behavior, system sensitivity, and diffraction effects.

  18. Distance between repeating values of a wave. for example, the distance from one peak to the next peak on a sine wave.

  19. Distance between repeating values of a wave. for example, the distance from one peak to the next peak on a sine wave. wavelength is generally measured in nanometers when considering uv-a radiation (for example, 365 nm). compare frequency.

  20. Distance between repeating units of a wave. for example, the distance from one peak to the next peak.

  21. Distance needed in the propagation direction for a wave to go through a complete cycle.7,21

Tranmissive object, английский
    An object that allows light to pass through from one side to the other. the color of a transmissive object results from the manipulation of wavelengths of light as they pass through.

Reflective object, английский
    A solid object that returns some or all of the wavelengths of emitted light that strike its surface. a reflective object that returns 100% of all light is called a perfect diffuser--a perfectly white surface.