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Tri-stimulus data

    The three tri-stimulus values that combine to define or generate a specific color, such as r255/g255, b 0. tri-stimulus data does not completely describe a color, the illuminant must also be defined. also, in device dependent color models such as rgb, the

Data, английский
  1. Information organised for analysis or used as the basis for decision making, or individual facts.

  2. Данные

  3. Defense air transportation administration

  4. Any and all information, facts, numbers, letters, symbols, etc. which can be acted on or produced by the computer.

  5. Information in words or figures about a particular subject, especially information which is available on computer (note: in scientific usage, data is used with a plural verb: the data are accurate. in everyday language, data is often used with a singular verb: the recent data supports our case.)

  6. N данные linguistic ~ языковые данные: primary ~ ~ исходные dating n датирование, датировка; определение возраста radioisotope ~ датирование по радиоизотопу

  7. Данные. результаты наблюдений и значения измерений.

  8. Information that is processed or stored by a computer.

  9. Recorded facts.

  10. All the hard numbers that represent real customers – the who, what, where, when, why, and how – all of which is needed to make informed decisions about seo strategies and tactics.

Data, английский

Data, английский

Data, английский

Data, английский

Data, польский

Data & analytics, английский
    The business subcategory containing apps to help businesses gather and analyze data.

Data (digital) encryption standard, английский
    Стандарт шифрования данных

Data above voice, английский
    Система передачи цифровых данных на частотах, выше речевых; "данные над голосом"

Data abstraction, английский
  1. Абстрактное представление данных; абстракция данных data acceptance ввод данных; запись данных

  2. Giving a name to a complex set of data that forms a single concept thereby removing the need to always refer to all the detail. to hide the details of data by referring to the whole rather than the parts. for example a complex data structure may be necessary to describe all the details of a car but could collectively be referred to as simply the car type. all the data of the car could for instance be created, copied, sorted, deleted without mentioning all the component parts.

Data access, английский

Data access and dissemination system office (usbc), английский

Data access arrangement, английский
    Механизм доступа к данным; средства доступа к данным

Data access equipment, английский
    Аппаратура доступа к данным data accessibility доступность данных

Data access equipment;, русский

Data access language, английский
    Язык доступа к данным

Data access line, английский

Data access manager, английский
    Программа управления доступом к данным; администратор данных data access mechanismмеханизм доступа к данным data access method метод доступа к данным data access protocol протокол доступа к данным data-access technology технология доступа к данным data access tools инструментальные средства доступа к данным

Data access method;, русский

Data access object, английский

Data access objects, английский
    A programming interface to access and manipulate database objects.

Completely, английский
    Вполне; полностью; совершенно

Illuminant, английский
  1. Incident luminous energy specified by its spectral distribution.

  2. Источник света

Viewing booth, английский
    An enclosed area with controlled lighting that is used in graphic arts studios, service bureaus, and printing companies as a stable environment for evaluating proofs and press sheets. viewing booths are generally illuminated using graphic arts industry-st

Tri-stimulus, английский
    A method for communicating or generating a color using three stimuli; either additive or subtractive colorants (such as rgb or cmy), or three attributes (such as lightness, chroma, and hue.)