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Viewing booth

    An enclosed area with controlled lighting that is used in graphic arts studios, service bureaus, and printing companies as a stable environment for evaluating proofs and press sheets. viewing booths are generally illuminated using graphic arts industry-st

Booth, английский
    Стенд (на выставке) booth multiplyerумножитель бута

Booth number, английский
    Number designated to identify each exhibitor’s space.

Boothia, английский

Boothite, английский

Boothyr, английский
    An old term, denoting a small river vessel.

View, английский
    Графическое представление двухмерного чертежа или трехмерной модели из заданной точки обзора.

View (rear, bottom, front, side, in the direction of the arrow a), английский

View all, английский
    The link that appears above an incomplete content set and leads to the full list of items. for example, when a content module displays items 1-€“6, a view all’ link in line with the module label leads to a webpage that lists all items. the items that are available in preview are redundantly available in the list of all items

View bar, английский
    A screen element along the left edge of the project window that provides buttons for the most commonly used views. the view bar provides a convenient means of changing views by just clicking the icons that appear on the view bar.

View box, английский
    A control that scales all of its child elements similar to a zoom control.

View definition, английский

View expression, английский

View generation, английский
    A repository engine feature that is used to create relational views based on classes, interfaces, and relationships in an information model.

View identifier, английский
    A value that identifies a view that is available for a ui automation element that implements a control pattern.

View in direction of arrow a; arrow a view, английский

View lamp, английский
    Осветительная лампа

View light, английский

View line, английский
    Линия визирования

View lists right, английский
    A right that allows a user to view items in a list, document library, discussion board, or survey. does not allow the user to add, modify, or remove the items.

View ordinance, английский
    A law adopted by some cities or towns with desirable vistas--such as those in the mountains or overlooking the ocean--that protects a property owner from having his or her view obstructed by growing trees. view ordinances don’t cover buildings or other structures that may block views.

View state, английский
  1. A mode of session state in which the entire session state is serialized and stored as a blob on the client then deserialized during every post-back. this has a tremendous hit in bytes over the wire (bow), but is highly scalable in that it doesn’t require storing information in the database.

  2. A state in which an app can be viewed. full screen is the view state in which the app takes up the full screen. snapped is the view state in which the app takes up the smaller portion of the screen (it becomes a snapped app). fill is the view state in which the app takes up the larger and remaining portion of the screen when another app is snapped.- when an app is the main app, is in the fill view state.

Controlled, английский
  1. Управляемый; регулируемый

  2. Управляемый

  3. Подконтрольный (о предприятиях)

Environment, английский
  1. Surrounding in which operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interaction.

  2. Окружающая среда. совокупность всех материальных тел, сил и явлений природы, ее вещество и пространство, любая деятельность человека, находящегося в непосредственном контакте с живыми организмами; совокупность абиотической, биотической и социальной сред,

  3. Окружающие условия [среда]; внешние факторы или воздействия; условия эксплуатации ` (лл)

  4. The conditions and influences under which an organism lives

  5. N 1 лнгв. окружение; 2 псхл. окружающая обстановка5 consonantal ~ консонантное окружение epanalepsis n эпаналепсис, удвоение6 epenthesis n 1 эпентеза, вставка звуков1; 2 добавление гласного звука для того, чтобы 3 английский как язык международного общения. 4 несовпадение стиховых и фразовых границ. 5 внешний контекст, в котором происходит наше поведение. 6 фигура речи, состоящая в повторе слова, словосочетания или пред- ложения. epenthetic 41 evaluation разбить труднопроизносимую группу (кла- стер) согласных

  6. Окружающая среда

  7. Окружающая среда; при- родно-ландшафтная среда

  8. The place in which an organism lives, and the circumstances under which it lives. environment includes measures like moisture and temperature, as much as it refers to the actual physical place where an organism is found.

  9. The combination of all the external conditions and the potential effect of the inner environment (heteromosaic of abiotic conditions). e. change: survival depends on the life span of the organisms involved, and has to adapt to a new situation via genetic change, evolution, etc. • cyclic change: rhythmically repetitive, like cycles of a season, day / night, movement of tides etc. • directional change: change is maintained over a long period in relation to the life span of organisms - erosion, siltation, cycles of glaciation, etc. • erratic change: these have no rhythm and no consistent direction e.g., hurricanes, cyclones, flash storms, fires, vulcanos, earthquake, etc.

  10. Окружающая среда. существующая в данный момент совокупность всех внешних условий и воздействий, которым подвержена данная система (или организм) (мос, 14). `36

  11. (1) the system of surrounding things, conditions or influences, especially affecting the existence or development of someone, something or another system (->habitat), (2) the art of environing, (3) the state of being environed.

  12. A global context in which to access data.

  13. A set of roles that are required to run a specific application and the machines to be used for each role.

  14. One of two deployment destinations within a microsoft azure cloud service: staging or production.

  15. The totality of surrounding conditions and circumstances affecting growth or development. often the term is applied to the natural features of a geographic area: water, air, and land — including ecological relationships.

  16. The sum of the physical, chemical, and biological factors that surround an organism.

Evaluating, английский
    The function of obtaining data developed by a testing agency, and utilizing such data to perform calculations, ,cdetermine suitability, project results, or otherwise draw conclusions resulting from an, analysis of these data. (astme699) part v quality control

Illuminated, английский

White light, английский
  1. Theoretically, light that emits all wavelengths of the visible spectrum at uniform intensity. in reality, most light sources cannot achieve such perfection.

  2. Белый огонь

  3. A mixture of colors of visible light that appears white to the eye. in theory, a mixture of three colors is sufficient to produce white light

  4. Light that contains most of the wavelengths in the visible spectrum, such as light from the sun or from a spotlight. white light is incoherent, while laser light is coherent. a white light transmission hologram, or rainbow hologram, is one which can be displayed using ordinary white light. early holograms required viewing with coherent laser light.

  5. The 1,000 or so colors humans who are not color-blind can discern have their origin in white light. the hues we attribute to any object depend upon how the surface reflects and absorbs light and how the eye interprets it. see: spectrum and absorption.

  6. Light combining all frequencies in the visible spectrum (wavelengths from 380 to 780 nm) and in equal proportions.

  7. Light combining all frequencies of light visible in the electromagnetic spectrum (wavelengths from 380 to 780 nm), in bands (called hues) of roughly equal proportions.

  8. Light combining all frequencies in the visible light spectrum (wavelengths from 400 to 760 nm) and in approximately equal proportions. wipe-off technique: see bleed back technique.

  9. Light combining all frequencies in the visible spectrum and in equal proportions.3

Tri-stimulus data, английский
    The three tri-stimulus values that combine to define or generate a specific color, such as r255/g255, b 0. tri-stimulus data does not completely describe a color, the illuminant must also be defined. also, in device dependent color models such as rgb, the