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White light

  1. Theoretically, light that emits all wavelengths of the visible spectrum at uniform intensity. in reality, most light sources cannot achieve such perfection.

  2. Белый огонь

  3. A mixture of colors of visible light that appears white to the eye. in theory, a mixture of three colors is sufficient to produce white light

  4. Light that contains most of the wavelengths in the visible spectrum, such as light from the sun or from a spotlight. white light is incoherent, while laser light is coherent. a white light transmission hologram, or rainbow hologram, is one which can be displayed using ordinary white light. early holograms required viewing with coherent laser light.

  5. The 1,000 or so colors humans who are not color-blind can discern have their origin in white light. the hues we attribute to any object depend upon how the surface reflects and absorbs light and how the eye interprets it. see: spectrum and absorption.

  6. Light combining all frequencies in the visible spectrum (wavelengths from 380 to 780 nm) and in equal proportions.

  7. Light combining all frequencies of light visible in the electromagnetic spectrum (wavelengths from 380 to 780 nm), in bands (called hues) of roughly equal proportions.

  8. Light combining all frequencies in the visible light spectrum (wavelengths from 400 to 760 nm) and in approximately equal proportions. wipe-off technique: see bleed back technique.

  9. Light combining all frequencies in the visible spectrum and in equal proportions.3

Wlt, английский
    White light

Light, английский
  1. Space in a window sash for a single pane of glass. also, a pane of glass.

  2. Electromagnetic radiation in the spectral range detectable by the human eye (approx. 380 to 720nm).

  3. Light refers to a fragrance that’s not heavy – go figure!

  4. Electromagnetic radiation detectable by the eye, ranging in wavelength from about 400 to 750 nm.

  5. Свет; огонь; лампа 326

  6. Свет; огонь; лампа

  7. The region of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by human vision, designated by the visible spectrum and nominally covering the wavelength range of 400-770 nm. in optical communications, it includes the much broader portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be handled by the basic optical techniques used for the visible spectrum. this region is not clearly defined but may be considered to extend from the near-ultraviolet region of approximately 300 nm, through the visible region, and into the mid-infrared region to 30,000 nm

  8. Electro-magnetic radiation with wavelengths in the spectral bandwidth perceived by the human eye (ca. 400 - 700 nm).

  9. Usually refers to the visible spectrum. the range of electromagnetic radiation frequencies detected by the eye, or the wavelength range from about 400 to 700 nanometers. the term is sometimes used loosely to include radiation beyond visible spectrum limits.

  10. Electromagnetic energy defined as visible energy between 380 -780nm range.

  11. (1) the radiant energy which, after entering the eye, provides the initial stimulus for sight, (2) electromagnetic radiations visible to the human eye which gives rise to the sensation of vision by stimulating the rod and cone cells of the retina; absence of darkness.

  12. Свет, освещение, огон?к

  13. The energy that makes things bright and helps a person to see  there’s not enough light in here to take a photo.

  14. Огонь судна или маяка

  15. Огонь (навигационный)

  16. [1] the correct name for a lighthouse. [2] the proper term for a navigation light. [3] the glass in a port or other opening in the hull, whether hinged or fixed.

  17. Глобальная гипертекстовая система для поддержки жизненного цикла по

  18. A generally non-sweet, non-cloying fragrance where the fresh note is predominant. often formulated as an eau fraiche or deodorant cologne for all-over body wear in warm climates or for sports.

  19. Свет. радиация (см. radiation), способная стимулировать орган зрения (видимое излучение) (вмо).

  20. Visible radiation; radiant energy that can excite the retina and produce a visual sensation; visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, from about 380 to 800 nm.

  21. Radiant energy that can excite the retina and produce a visual sensation. the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum extends from about 400 to 800 nm.2,6 lighting, back: placement of light source and image sensor on opposite sides of the test object, used when the silhouette of a feature is important. lighting, flash: see lighting, strobe. lighting, front: placement of light source and image sensor on the same side of the test object. lighting, strobe: lighting that flashes intermittently at a rate that may be adjusted and is often perceived as a flicker, used to image moving objects or still objects with potential movement. 312 visual testing lighting, structured: combining a light source with optical elements to form a line or sheet of light.

  22. Electromagnetic radiation that can excite the retina and produce a visual sensation. the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum extends from 400 to 760 nm.

  23. Electromagnetic radiation that falls within the human eye’s response range.

  24. Photopic vision.

Light, английский

Light & heavy, английский
    A light fragrance is balanced toward the top notes. a heavy fragrance is balanced towards the bottom notes.

Light (adj), английский
    Having a font weight that corresponds to a weight class value of 300 according to the opentype specification.

Light (crude) oil, английский
    Легкая нефть. нефть с плотностью не более 0,855 г/куб.cм

Light (en) ing, английский

Light - and - shade, английский

Light - gauge section, английский

Light - weight section, английский

Light activated silicon controlled rectifier, английский

Light actuated solid state plckoff, английский

Light adaptation, английский
    Ability of the eye to adjust itself to an increase in the intensity of light.

Light adapted vision, английский
    See photopic vision.

Light aggregate, английский

Light air, английский
  1. Beaufort force 1. sustained wind speed between 1 and 3 knots. ripples with the appearance of scales are formed, but without foam crests.

  2. Легкий ветер

  3. Force 1 on the beaufort scale (winds 1–3 knots = 1.15-.45 mph = 1.85–5.56 km/h).

Light airborne asw vehicle, английский
    Легкий противолодочный вертолет или самолет

Light airborne attack vehicle, английский
    Легкий штурмовик

Light airborne multipurpose (system), английский
    Легкий многоцелевой вертолет «лэмп»

Light airborne multipurpose system, английский
    Легкая авиационная многоцелевая система; легкий многоцелевой военный вертолет «лэмп»

Light aircraft binary information link, английский
    Линия передачи данных в двоичном коде для легких самолетов

Light aircraft carrier, английский

Perfection, английский
    A long red cedar shingle having a butt thickness of 9?16 in. (1.4 cm). perforated brick (brit.) a brick or block in which holes passing through it exceed 25% of its volume, and in which the holes are not small (as defined under solid masonry unit, 2); up to three holes, not exceeding 5 sq in. (32.5 sq cm) each, may be incorporated as an aid to handling.

Sufficient, английский

Incoherent, английский

Transmission, английский
  1. Passage of electromagnetic radiation through a medium.

  2. Transmisión

  3. The property in a merchantman, or a share therein, transmitted in

  4. Передача; привод; коробка передач; трансмиссия; прохождение; распространение ~ of loads передача нагрузок

  5. The transport of high voltage electricity. this is achieved with a transmission network (or grid). generally the network will connect large generators to lower voltage distribution networks where it will be transported to the majority of electricity consumers. alternatively, large scale electricity users may connect directly to the transmission network. management of transmission is a natural monopoly due to the economies of scale inherent to it. transmission system operator (tso) (also transmission network operator-

  6. The sending of information over a communications line or a circuit.

  7. The transportation of electric energy in bulk from a source or sources of supply to other systems or parts of a single system.

  8. Transfer of pathogens from one host to another

Viewing booth, английский
    An enclosed area with controlled lighting that is used in graphic arts studios, service bureaus, and printing companies as a stable environment for evaluating proofs and press sheets. viewing booths are generally illuminated using graphic arts industry-st