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Поиск в глоссариях:  


  1. A block of multiple images arranged in columns and rows.

  2. The order of battle.—to array. to equip, dress, or arm for battle.

  3. Two or more components feeding a common system (e.g., hydrophones for sonar, antennae for radar).

  4. An indexed and ordered collection of objects (i.e., a list with indices). the index can either be numeric (o, 1, 2, 3, ...) or symbolic (`mary`, `mike`, `murray`, ...). the latter is often referred to as "associative arrays."

  5. See photovoltaic (pv) array.

Série de photographies, французский

Матрица; решетка; сетка;, русский

Массив; вектор;, русский

Расположение в определенном порядке; размещение выборочных объектов в определенном порядке;, русский

Регулярный, русский
  1. Регулярный , правильный

  2. -ая, -ое коставлытoм

Components, английский

Collection, английский
  1. The accumulation of precipitation into surface and underground areas, including lakes, rivers, and aquifers.

  2. Прием средств, инкассо, сбор задолженности по кредитам

  3. Сбор; собирание; коллекция

  4. A container for organizing clips.

  5. A customer’s assemblage of digital media, including music, videos, pictures, games, and apps.

  6. A set of resources in the configuration manager hierarchy.

  7. A set of thematically related apps, games, music tracks, videos, or other items available for purchase or download in the store. a thematic group of editorially chosen apps and games for merchandising or marketing purposes.

  8. A type of specialized class in the .net framework for data storage and retrieval. these classes provide support for stacks, queues, lists, and hash tables. most collection classes implement the same interfaces, and these interfaces may be inherited to create new collection classes that fit more specialized data storage needs.

  9. An export format that maintains a group of images that is generated at export.

  10. An object that contains a set of related objects. an object’s position in the collection can change whenever a change occurs in the collection; therefore, the position of any specific object in a collection may vary.

  11. Automatic grouping of user’s photos and videos based on time and place.

Associative, английский
  1. A ассоциативный experiment associatеd a ассоциированный state

  2. Ассоциативный; сочетательный

Photovoltaic, английский
    Providing an electric current under the influence of light or similar radiation.

Serment, французский

Série de photographies, французский