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Глоссарий терминов по виндсерфингу
  1. Meaning "did not compete", the ruling when a boat fails to compete in a scheduled race and is awarded the maximum number of points for the race.

  2. Day-night capability

  3. Digital nautical chart

  4. Direct numerical control

Day-night capability, английский
    Способность работать днем и ночью (о системе)

Digital nautical chart, английский

Direct numerical control, английский
    Прямое цифровое управление, пцу

Capability, английский
    Способность; возможность; мощность; производительность

Dnd, английский
  1. Meaning "disqualification not discardable", the ruling when the jury disqualifies a boat from a race and awards the maximum number of points for the race, points which may not be discarded from the overall score later.

  2. Department of national defence (canada)

  3. "не беспокоить"