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19 декабря, 2017

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Глоссарий общеупотребительных слов (для проекта www.HappyGreetings.ru)

    Louse, английский
    1. Вошь

    2. Any small, wingless insect of the order anoplura (sucking louse), parasitic on humans and other mammals and having mouthparts adapted for sucking, as pediculus humanus (body louse or head louse) and phthirius pubis (crab louse or pubic louse)

    3. A small insect of the pediculus genus, which sucks blood and lives on the skin as a parasite on animals and humans (note: the plural is lice.) comment: there are several forms of louse: the commonest are the body louse, the crab 227 lunate louse and the head louse. some diseases can be transmitted by lice.

    Erkek, туркменский

    Dodak, туркменский