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Back alley

словарь блюза (Алексей Аграновский)
    Улица в районе с плохой репутацией.

Alley, английский

Alley; lane, английский

Alleyway, английский
    British merchant navy term for a ship’s interior corridor. the rn uses “alley” and the usn term is “passageway” (see burma road and ships versus houses).

Back, английский
  1. A defender.

  2. Espalda

  3. 1. the part of the body from the neck downwards to the waist, which is made up of the spine and the bones attached to it (note: for other terms referring to the back, see dorsal and words beginning with dorsi-, dorso-.) 2. the other side from the front  she has a swelling on the back of her hand.  dorsum

  4. Slang, vowel back-formation

  5. Спинка, изнаночная сторона

  6. To sheet a sail to windward and fill the back of the sail and thus stop the boat or propel it backwards. 2

  7. In the case of the wind - to shift counter clockwise from its previous direction.

  8. Выносить на ветер

  9. To back an anchor. to carry a small anchor ahead of the one by which the ship rides, to partake of the strain, and check the latter from coming home.—to back a ship at anchor. for this purpose the mizen top-sail is generally used; a hawser should be kept ready to wind her, and if the wind falls she must be hove apeak.—to back and fill. to get to windward in very narrow channels, by a series of smart alternate boards and backing, with weather tides.— to back a sail. to brace its yard so that the wind may blow directly on the front of the sail, and thus retard the ship`s course. a sailing vessel is backed by means of the sails, a steamer by reversing the paddles or screw-propeller.—to back astern. to impel the water with the oars contrary to the usual mode, or towards the head of the boat, so that she shall recede.—to back the larboard or starboard oars. to back with the right or left oars only, so as to round suddenly.—to back out. (see

  10. The outside or convex part of compass-timber. also a wharf.

  11. [1] wind changing direction anti-clockwise. a backing wind portends weather worsening in the northern hemisphere, but improving in the southern (cf. veer). [2] to trim sails so as to catch the wind on the wrong side and check the vessel’s movement. [3] usn command to reverse engines to go astern. [4] the surface of a propeller blade which faces forward.

  12. A two-beat diagonal gait in reverse.

Back, английский

Back, английский

Back, английский

Back, английский

Back -, английский
    Под топки, под топочного пространства камина

Back - flow filter, английский

Back - pressure [backflow] valve, английский

Back - step welding, английский

Back - up course, английский

Back actor shovel; back action shovel; back actor backhoe;, английский

Back addition, английский
    The projecting rear wing of a house; an outrigger. b 73

Back ampere-turns, английский

Back and fill, английский
  1. To use the advantage of the tide being with you when the wind is not.

  2. Применение поперечного действия

Back and forth, английский
    Взад и перед; туда и обратно

Back arch, английский

Back bedding, английский

Ball and chain, английский
    Любимая женщина (ball and chain - "ядро и цепь" - вешали на ноги каторжникам и рабам).

Baby-kisser, английский