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Casey jones

словарь блюза (Алексей Аграновский)
    Инженер-локомотивщик, ставший героем фольклора в конце 19-го века (mississippi john hurt, casey jones).

Casey, английский

Jonah, английский
  1. A person (either a sailor or a passenger) who carries a jinx, one whose presence on board brings bad luck and endangers the ship.

  2. This name for a shipmate or passenger who brings bad luck on board is based on a story that appears in the hebrew tanakh, christian bible, and islamic q’ran. jonah (or jonas) tries to escape god’s command by sailing away, but his disobedience causes the lord to send “a mighty tempest ... so that the ship was like to be broken” [jonah 1;4]. the sailors cast lots to determine whose transgressions have brought the storm upon them and throw jonah overboard. the seas instantly calm, and three days later jonah comes to the shore, still alive. what happened during those days is open to conjecture. according to the story, he had been swallowed by a “great fish” (commonly considered to have been a whale, but possibly a large shark) which vomited him up after he begged god for forgiveness. this is far-fetched, but not impossible (see bartley’s ordeal) although it is difficult to understand how three days in stomach acid would not have burned out jonah’s eyeballs. jonah himself never mentions a fish but says to god: thou hadst cast me into the deep, in the midst of the seas; and the floods compassed me about; all thy billows and thy waves passed over me.... the waters compassed me about, even to the soul; the depth closed me round about, the weeds were wrapped around my head. ( jonah 2:3,5). based on this, it has been hypothesized that “great fish” was an ancient seafarer’s term for a powerful current, which swept jonah away and carried him to shore.

Jonas, русский

Jonathan, английский
    A name often applied to americans in general, but really appropriate to the quakers in america, being a corruption of john nathan.

Jonathon, английский
    18th–19th century rn slang for an american seaman. also jonathan and sometimes preceded by “brother.”

Jonction, французский

Jonction a barrier de surface, французский

Jonction a pointe, французский

Jonction brusque, французский

Jonction continuelle, французский

Jonction de collecteur. jonction collectrice, французский

Jonction des poutres libre, французский

Jonction diffusee, французский

Jonction emettrice. jonction d’emetteur, французский

Jonction epitaxiale, французский

Jonction p-n, французский

Jonction p-n recristallisee, французский

Jones, английский

Jones act, английский
  1. Merchant marine act of 1920, section 27, requires that all u.s. domestic waterborne trade be carried by u.s.-flag, u.s.-built, and u.s.-manned vessels.

  2. U.s. legislation requiring all domestic waterborne trade to be carried in u.s.–flagged, built, 167 jones and crewed vessels. the federal law also provides for benefits to workers who are injured on seagoing vessels on navigable waters and offshore oil rigs which are not permanently attached to the ocean floor.

Jones criteria, английский

Mississippi, английский
  1. Шт. миссисипи (сша)

  2. Р. миссисипи (сша)

Chain gang, английский
    Группа заключенных, скованная одной цепью (обычно на работах вне тюрьмы).

Canned heat, английский
    Употребляемое алкоголиками горючее для примуса, сделанное на основе денатурата ("canned heat" - "консервированное тепло" - фабричная марка жидкого топлива, ставшая нарицательным именем для суррогатного кайфа). tommy "snake" j