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Eagle rock

словарь блюза (Алексей Аграновский)
    Фигура в танце 40-х годов (см. ball the jack) (bessie smith, baby doll).

Eagle, английский
  1. Any of several large, soaring birds of prey belonging to the hawk family accipitridae, noted for their size, strength, and powers of flight and vision

  2. Elevation angle guidance landing equipment

  3. A pediment of a greek building. e&cb1s abbr. for “edge and center bead one side.” e&cv1s abbr. for “edge and center vee one side.” e and oe abbr. for “errors and omissions excepted.” ear 1. any small projecting member or part of a piece or structure, either decorative or structural. 2.

  4. The insignia of the romans, borrowed also by moderns, as frederic of prussia and napoleon. also, a gold coin of the united states, of the value of five dollars, or ?1,

Eagle, o, английский
    Spread-eagle. a punishment inflicted by seizing the offender by his arms and legs to the shrouds, and there leaving him for a specified time.

Eaglefordian, английский

Eagles, английский

Eaglescan inc., английский

Eaglestone, английский

Rock, английский
  1. To display a certain style. example that guy was rocking a mullet.

  2. A large mass of stone forming a hill, cliff, promontory, or the like

  3. The cue ball

  4. 1) 1900-е - 30-е, танцевать; 2) раскачиваться под музыку; 3) заниматься сексом (b.b. king, you rock me baby).

  5. An extensive geological term, but limited in hydrographical parlance to hard and solid masses of the earth`s surface; when these rise in insulated masses nearly to the surface of the sea, they render navigation especially dangerous.—half-tide rock. a rock which appears above water at half-ebb.

  6. A segment of the earth’s hard mineral crust projecting above the sea bed and forming a potential hazard to navigation.

Rock, английский
    To display a certain style. example that guy was rocking a mullet.

Rock, английский

Rock, английский

Rock, шведский

Rock 1, 2, 3, английский
    When referring to drywall, this means to install drywall to the walls and ceilings (with nails and screws), and before taping is performed.

Rock asphalt, английский
    Porous rock such as sandstone or limestone that has become impregnated with natural asphalt through a geological process. rock-cut said of a temple or tomb excavated in native rock without the aid of masonry, or with but little masonry; usually presents an rockwell hardness number a measure of rockwell hardness; determined by use of a machine having an indentor which can be loaded; the number is derived from the net increase in depth of impression that the indentor makes in the material as the load on the indentor is increased from a fixed load to a higher load, and then returned to the minimum load.

Rock base, английский

Rock bind, английский

Rock bolter, английский

Rock bolting, английский

Rock bolting and screening machine, английский

Rock bolting drilling, английский

Rock bolting rig, английский

Faror, английский
    1) подружка; миссиссипское блюзовое слово, произносится как "pharaoh"; 2) тоже, что "fair one", честный малый (mississippi john hurt, big leg blues).

Dry long so, английский
    Испытывать нужду, бедность (robert johnson, come on in my kitchen; skip james, hard time killing floor).