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Fat mouth

словарь блюза (Алексей Аграновский)
    Обольститель, добивающийся женщины сладкими речами (tommy johnson, big fat mama blues).

Fat, английский
  1. When the rhone has an exceptionally hot year for its crop and the wines attain a super sort of maturity, they are often quite rich and concentrated, with low to average acidity. often such wines are said to be fat, which is a prized commodity. if they become too fat, that is a flaw and they are then called flabby.

  2. When a ball is undercut, it is hit too "fat"

  3. Stout, corpulent, fleshy, beefy, paunchy, plump, full, rotund, tubby, pudgy, chubby, chunky, burly, bulky, elephantine

  4. An animal or vegetable oil which will combine with an alkali to saponify and form a soap.

  5. Factory acceptance test

  6. Factory acceptance tests

  7. Fast automatic transfer

  8. Final assembly test

  9. Flight acceptance test

  10. Free air temperature

  11. Functional analysis team

  12. 1. a white oily substance in the body, which stores energy and protects the body against cold 2. a type of food which supplies protein and vitamins a and d, especially that part of meat which is white, and solid substances like lard or butter produced from animals and used for cooking, or liquid substances like oil  if you don’t like the fat on the meat, cut it off.  fry the eggs in some fat. (note: fat has no plural when it means the substance; the plural fats is used to mean different types of fat. for other terms referring to fats, see also lipid and words beginning with steato-.) comment: fat is a necessary part of the diet because of the vitamins and energy-giving calories which it contains. fat in the diet comes from either animal fats or vegetable fats. animal fats such as butter, fat meat or cream, are saturated fatty acids. it is believed that the intake of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, mainly vegetable fats and oils, and fish oil, in the diet, rather than animal fats, helps keep down the level of cholesterol in the blood and so lessens the risk of atherosclerosis. a low-fat diet does not always help to reduce body weight.

  13. Fluorescent antibody test/technique

  14. Таблица размещения файлов

Fat, английский

Fat, английский

Fat, шведский

Fat (n.), английский

Fat -, английский
  1. Жирный раствор; жирная растворная смесь

  2. Сокол каменщика

Fat area, английский

Fat block, английский
    Блок fat

Fat block information table, английский
    Таблица информации о блоках fat

Fat board, английский
    A mortarboard.

Fat chain, английский
    Цепочка fat

Fat chance, английский
    No chance something will happen. example fat chance you get to go to the movies tonight.

Fat clay, английский
  1. A clay having a high value of liquid limit and plasticity index.

  2. A clay the particles of which swell greatly, forming a colloidallike material when admixed with water. see bentonite.

Fat clay; soapy clay, английский

Fat client, английский
    Мощный клиент; "толстый" клиент fat32 conversion utility утилита для преобразования fat16 в fat32

Fat coke, английский
    Opposite of diet coke example

Fat concrete, английский
    A concrete containing a large proportion of mortar.

Fat content, английский

Fat controller, английский

Fat cursor, английский
    Крупный курсор

Fat edge, английский
    A thick paint film on the edges of woodwork, moldings, or other painted surfaces having sharp external angles.

Обольститель, русский
    Обольститель , соблазнитель

Final thrill, английский

Faror, английский
    1) подружка; миссиссипское блюзовое слово, произносится как "pharaoh"; 2) тоже, что "fair one", честный малый (mississippi john hurt, big leg blues).