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Low-down step

словарь блюза (Алексей Аграновский)
    Медленные напряженные движения в танце, исполняемом под блюз.

Step, английский
  1. To challenge someone. example he had beef and decided to step.

  2. Satellite telecommunications experiment project

  3. Satellite telecommunication experiment

  4. Space terminal evaluation program

  5. A stair unit which consists of one tread and one riser.

  6. A movement of the foot and the leg as in walking  he took two steps forward.  the baby is taking her first steps.

  7. A large clamp of timber fixed on the kelson, and fitted to receive the tenoned heel of a mast. the steps of the main and fore masts of every ship rest upon the kelson; that of the mizen-mast sometimes rests upon the lower-deck beams.—to step a boat`s mast. to erect and secure it in its step in readiness for setting sail.

  8. [1] to raise and position a mast. [2] the socket or plate which holds a mast in position.

  9. Small offset on a piece of core or in a drill hole resulting from a sudden sidewise deviation of the bit as it enters a hard, tilted stratum of rock under¬lying a softer rock. compare kick. 2. one of several terracelike or stairstep concentric configurations on the crown of a diamond bit. see step-face bit.

  10. A beat.

Step, английский

Step, английский

Step (of a protocol), protocol action, английский

Step - up pumping station, английский

Step action, английский

Step aeration, английский

Step and repeat, английский
  1. Фотомультипликация

  2. Метод получения многих изображений одного и того же рисунка на фотошаблоне или пластине)

Step back, английский

Step bar, английский

Step bracket, английский

Step brazing, английский
    A method of brazing in which successive joints on a part are joined with filler metals of successively lower brazing temperatures, so that the joints previously brazed are not disturbed. step-down ceiling diffuser a ceiling diffuser which projects below the plane of the finished ceiling.

Step change point, английский

Step cooling, английский

Step core bit, английский

Step cut, английский
    Stones whose outlines are either square or rectangular and whose facets are rectilinear and arranged parallel to the girdle are known as step cut stones. the emerald cut and the asscher are examples of the step cut.

Step data gyrocompass, английский

Step data system, английский

Step flashing, английский
    Flashing application method used where a vertical surface meets a sloping roof plane. 6" x 6" galvanized metal bent at a 90 degree angle, and installed beneath siding and over the top of shingles. each piece overlaps the one beneath it the entir

Step gable, английский

Lying, английский
  1. Исполнение музыки без настоящего чувства.

  2. The situation of a whale when favourable for sticking—the “lie” usually occurs after feeding.

  3. Whaler’s term for a whale basking on the surface to form an easy target.

Let the good times roll, английский
    Возглас, выражающий восхищение.