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Run away

словарь блюза (Алексей Аграновский)
    Быть впереди кого-либо или чего-либо.

Away, английский
  1. A trade, quote, or market that does not originate with the dealer in question, e.g., "the bid is 98-10 away from me."

  2. [1] to prepare a boat for service, e.g., “call away the barge.” [2] assemble a group of usn enlisted seamen, e.g., “call away damage control party” (the rn would “muster” the party). [3] former query, not in current use, as to the bearing of a sighted object, e.g., “where away?” 31 away

Away, английский

Away aloft, английский
    The order to the men in the rigging to start up.

Away from formal, английский
    Classical architecture and instead should embrace the romanticized past. the term “picturesque” is not indicative of a particular architectural style, but is suggestive of a number of styles or modes of architecture that were related to the romanticized past, including: exotic revival, gothic revival, italianate style, queen anne style, richardsonian romanesque style, second empire style, stick style, swiss cottage architecture.

Away from the market, английский
    In context of general equities, out of line with the inside market at this time, such as when a bid on a limit order is lower or the offer price is higher than the current market price for the security; held by the specialist for later execution unless fo

Away from us, английский
    Used in context of general equities, to characterize role of a competing broker/dealer. trading away from us signifies that stock is bought and/or sold with institutions using other trading firms.

Away from you, английский
    Used for listed equity securities. see: outside of you.

Away off, английский
    At a distance, but in sight.

Away she goes, английский
    The order to step out with the tackle fall. the cry when a vessel starts on the ways launching; also when a ship, having stowed her anchor, fills and makes sail.

Away there, английский
    The call for a boat`s crew; as, “away there! barge-men.”

Away with it, английский
    The order to walk along briskly with a tackle fall, as catting the anchor, &c.

Away-from-site programming, английский
    Программирование в специальном оюро св вычислительном центре; вне цеха) 7-2 - 51

Run, английский
  1. A sequence of trips assigned to be worked by a particular set of rollingstock.

  2. Вольер

  3. Series of balls pocketed in succession during one turn

  4. Race, speed, hurry, hasten, sprint, dash, rush, escape, elope, flee

  5. See analytical run.

  6. 1. the stern of the underwater body of a ship from where it begins to curve upward and inward.

  7. Point of sailing when the wind is coming from dead astern. running rigging. the lines used to control the sails. s

  8. The distance sailed by a ship. also, used among sailors to imply the agreement to work a single passage from one place to another, as from jamaica to england, and so forth.—to make a run. to sway with alacrity.

  9. [from the teutonic rennen, to flow]. a water-course.

  10. [1] to sail downwind. [2] to abscond or desert. [3] the distance traveled in a given period.

  11. A long, narrow fenced-in area usually attached to a stall.

Run, английский

Run, английский

Run, английский
    To allow a line to feed freely.

Run, английский
    The hulls underwater bottom near the stern.

Run, английский

Run, английский

Run (ran, run), английский

Run (ran-run), английский

Run it down, английский
    Сказать всю правду.

Roscoe, английский
    Пистолет, ствол (имя или прозвище реального блюзмена - roscoe gordon - было, наверное, "говорящим").