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Common stock

Англо-итальянский финансовый глоссарий
  1. Securities that represent equity ownership in a company. common shares let an investor vote on such matters as the election of directors. they also give the holder a share in a company`s profits via dividend payments or the capital appreciation of the security. units of ownership of a public corporation with junior status to the claims of secured/unsecured creditors, bondholders and preferred shareholders in the event of liquidation.

  2. Обыкновенная акция

Azione ordinaria, итальянский
    In una societa per azioni, titolo rappresentativo di una frazione di capitale. chi e in possesso di questa categoria di azioni ha la facolta di partecipare alle assemblee ed esercitare il diritto di voto, oltre a percepire un dividendo nella misura stabil

Обыкновенные акции, русский
    Акции, представляющие основные права на собственность корпорации; держатели обыкновенных акций имеют право выбирать совет директоров и влиять на ключевые вопросы, участвовать в доходах корпорации (в виде дивидендов), участвовать в активах и случае ликвида

Common, английский
  1. С

  2. Общий

  3. A large plot of grassy, fenced-in, publicly owned land, generally at or near the center of a village or town; in earlier eras, once shared by the townspeople as a pasture.

  4. Greek ornament based upon the honeysuckle or palmette. used singly on stelae or antefixes, or as a running ornament on friezes, etc.

  5. A общий (ант. proper) | n на- рицательность case, distinctiveness, gender, name, noun

  6. Земельный участок, на который жители округа имеют некоторые права (напр, выпас скота, заготовка сена)

  7. An ordinary. plain-appearing horse.

  8. Право на общественное пользование землей

Common (ordinary) chernozem, английский

Common -, английский
    Обыкновенный кирпич (для кладки), рядовой кирпич

Common account reinsurance, английский
    Перестрахование за общий счет

Common action, английский
    Типовое действие

Common agricultural policy, английский

Common agricultural policy (cap), английский
    Общая сельскохозяйственная политика евросоюза (осхп)

Common air ground environment (system), английский
    Объединенная система пво

Common air interference, английский

Common alarm, английский

Common alerting protocol (cap), английский
    Is an xml-based data format for exchanging public warnings and emergencies between alerting technologies. cap allows a warning message to be consistently disseminated simultaneously over many warning systems to many applications.

Common alloy, английский
    An alloy that does not increase in strength when heat-treated but may be strengthened by strain hardening.

Common alphabet, английский
    Объединяющий алфавит

Common ancestor, английский

Common ancestry, английский

Common application environment, английский
    Общая прикладная среда

Common application environment;, русский

Common application language cals, английский

Common application service element, английский
    Общий сервисный элемент прикладного уровня common-architecture software программное обеспечение с общей архитектурой

Common application;, русский

Common area, английский
  1. An area either within a building or outside a building which is intended for use of all occupants of the building or a group of buildings, but not for the free use of the general public.

  2. Общая область; общая зона

  3. Территория общего пользования

Securities, английский
  1. Ценные бумаги (редко — облигации с пере ленным размером процента; облигации, ставка процентов по которым увязана с каким-либо индексом; облигации, которые можно обменять на акции)

  2. Shares and debt obligations of every kind,including options, warrants, and rights to acquire shares and debtobligations.

  3. Documents providing evidence of a share in the capital of a company (e.g. share certificate), or the indebtedness of some person to the holder (e.g. government or corporate bonds) or similar legal rights.

  4. Paper certificates (definitive securities) or electronic records (book-entry securities) evidencing ownership of equity (stocks) or debt obligations (bonds).

  5. Ценные бумаги

Appreciation, английский
  1. Increase in the value of an asset.

  2. An increase or decrease in value of an asset. appreciation may be attributable to improvement or deterioration in the financial performance of the asset or changes in the market value for the asset.

  3. The rise in value of an asset.

  4. Повышение рыночной стоимости (активов)

  5. Appreciation is the amount a home increases in value over time. to calculate a home’s likely appreciation rate, add one to the annual appreciation rate, raise this to a power equal to the number of years you’d like to estimate, then multiply that by the current value of the property.

  6. An increase in the market from the insurance company. value of a home due to changing market conditions and/or home improvements.

  7. An increase in value or worth of property. opposite of depreciation.

  8. Communicating to the coachee something you appreciate about them can raise their self-belief and confidence, and help them know themselves more fully

Corporation, английский
  1. A group of persons who get a charter granting them as a body certain legal powers, rights, privileges, and liabilities as an individual

  2. A business owned by investors who buy part of the company through shares of stock.

  3. См. corporate body

  4. Корпорация; общество, см. corporate enterprises; corporate institution

  5. A legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners. a corporation is allowed to own assets, incur liabilities, and sell securities, among other things.

Shareholders, английский

Liquidation, английский
  1. Закрытие открытой валютной позиции.

  2. The finalization of a customs entry

  3. A company in liquidation is a company in the process of being dissolved or wound up, and its assets, if any, after payment of its debts, distributed to the shareholders.

  4. Ликвидация

Azione ordinaria, итальянский
    In una societa per azioni, titolo rappresentativo di una frazione di capitale. chi e in possesso di questa categoria di azioni ha la facolta di partecipare alle assemblee ed esercitare il diritto di voto, oltre a percepire un dividendo nella misura stabil

Azione frazionata, итальянский
    Per quanto riguarda le operazioni di reinvestimento diretto dei dividendi in nuovi titoli, eseguite da specifici programmi d`investimento dei fondi comuni, la situazione che si verifica quando il dividendo corrisposto non e sufficiente ad acquistare un nu