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Printer’s proof

Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
    Printer’s proof. a complimentary proof given to the printer. there can be from one to several of these proofs, depending upon the number of printers involved and the generosity of the artist.

Print, английский
  1. A fabric with designs applied by means of dyes or pigments used on engraved rollers, blocks, or screens. (also see printing.)

  2. Used in the context of general equities. as a verb execute a trade, evidenced by its printing on the ticker tape. as a noun, a trade.

Print, английский

Print, английский

Print (3), английский

Print (noun), английский

Print (to), английский

Print acceptance, английский

Print and document services, английский
    A server role that enables you to centralize print server and network printer management tasks. with this role, you can also receive scanned documents from network scanners and route the documents to a shared network resource, windows sharepoint services site, or e-mail addresses.

Print area, английский
    One or more ranges of cells that you designate to print when you don’t want to print the entire worksheet. if a worksheet includes a print area, only the print area is printed.

Print as a serial publication, английский

Print bar, английский
    Печатающая штанга

Print barrel, английский
    Печатающая шарообразная головка

Print bonding, английский
  1. A process of binding fibers into a nonwoven fabric by applying an adhesive in a discrete pattern.

  2. Bonding, 2

Print buffer, английский
    Буфер печати

Print chain, английский
    Печатающая цепь; литерная цепь

Print character matrix, английский
    Матрица печатных знаков

Print circuit heat exchanger, английский
    Теплообменник с печатной платой

Print contract, английский
    A contract that allows developers to leverage the print button on the connect charm to invoke the printing. in response to the button click, the developer can invoke the windows print experience. or the developer can provide a custom print experience.

Print control, английский
    Управление печатью

Print control character, английский
    Знак управления печатью; символ управления печатью

Print definition file, английский
    Файл определения принтера

Complimentary, английский

Generosity, английский
    N великодушие maxim

Restrikes, английский
    Restrikes. theoretically, these are any printings made after the first edition. a more useful definition would define restrikes as later impressions not authorized by the author or his heirs, as opposed to authorized subsequent editions. the inevitable pr

Posthumous edition, английский
    Posthumous edition. this one is printed from a matrix after the death of the artist. it has usually been authorized by the artist’s heirs or is the product of a publisher who previously purchased the matrix from the artist. it should be limited in some wa