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Ghostwriting vs. Copywriting

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Preparing a scientific article for publication in an electronic (online) journal

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Translation services for tunneling shields and tunnel construction technologies

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Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
    Restrikes. theoretically, these are any printings made after the first edition. a more useful definition would define restrikes as later impressions not authorized by the author or his heirs, as opposed to authorized subsequent editions. the inevitable pr

Definition, английский
  1. The fidelity of a television system to the original scene.

  2. Also called resolution. the fidelity with which detail is reproduced by a television system ranging from a fuzzy to a sharp appearance.

  3. The fidelity of reproduction of the pattern edge relative to the original master

  4. N дефиниция, определе- ние

  5. A verbal representation of a concept which serves to differentiate it from related concepts and allows humans to recognize and agree on the concept.

  6. Description of linear demarcation sensitivity or the detail sharpness of object outline in a radiologic test image. it is a function of screen type, exposure geometry, radiation energy, and characteristics sensor (such as film).

  7. Описание чувствительности к линейной демаркации или четкости контуров объекта на радиологическом контрольном изображении. это зависит от типа экрана, геометрии экспозиции, энергии излучения и характеристик датчика (например, пленки).

Impressions, английский
    The number of times an advertisement has been served. these are not necessarily unique, as the same ad could serve the same user 20 times.

Authorized, английский
    Уполномоченный; разрешено

Subsequent, английский

Inevitable, английский

Theoretical, английский
  1. Теоретический

  2. Теоретический theor/y теория; учение; принцип; гипотеза ~ of buckling теория продольного изгиба ~ of elasticity теория упругости ~ of elastic stability теория устойчивости упругих систем ~ies of failure теории [гипотезы] прочности ~ of plastic behavior теория пластичности ~ of plasticity теория пластичности ~ of plates теория тонких пластин ~ of shallow shells теория пологих оболочек ~ of shells теория оболочек ~ of stability теория устойчивости ~ of structures теория сооружений, строительная механика ~ of thin shells теория тонких оболочек ~ of torsion теория кручения

Screenprinting, английский
    Screenprinting (serigraphy, silk screen) is a versatile printing process based on the stencil principle. it was made famous in the 1960s when artists such as andy warhol exploited its bold, commercial look to make pop icons. to make a screenprint, a fine

Printer’s proof, английский
    Printer’s proof. a complimentary proof given to the printer. there can be from one to several of these proofs, depending upon the number of printers involved and the generosity of the artist.