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Wood engravings

Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
    Wood engravings are made from the end-grain surface of very hard wood, usually boxwood, as opposed to woodcuts, which are made from side-grain planks of wood neither so hard nor so expensive. rather than cutting away non-printing areas with a knife, wood

Engraved glass, английский
    Glass whose surface has decorative designs, often produced by abrading its surface with a diamond point, copper wheel, or carborundum pencil. engrg on drawings, abbr. for “engineering.”

Engraver, английский

Engraving, английский
  1. Engraving is a process in which a plate is marked or incised with a tool called a burin. a burn works on a copper plate like a plow on a field. as it is moved across the plate, copper shavings, called burr, are forced to either side of the lines being cre

  2. Engraving is a method of drawing in an intaglio plate without creating burr or using acids that stick on the soft line.

  3. Engraving, whether created by hand or with a laser, is a form of etching that adds design details to the outer band of a ring or is used to inscribe a personal message inside of a band.

Engraving machine, английский

Engravncambn, английский
    Engineer aviation camouflage battalion

Engravncamco, английский
    Engineer aviation camouflage company

Engravnregt, английский
    Engineer aviation regiment

Wood, английский
  1. The hard compact fibrous substance of which trees and shrubs are largely composed.

  2. Slang for "cue"

  3. Г. вудгрин (метроп. граф. большой 148 лондон, англия, великобритания)

  4. The areas showing curly grain may vary up to several inches in diameter.

  5. Wood whose fibers are impregnated with synthetic resin to provide improved hardness, moisture resistance, durability, etc.

  6. Древисина

  7. 1в metal pot fixture захват с тиглем для металла вуда (для закрепления конца образца для испытания на низкоцикловую усталость)

Wood, английский

Wood 'n' ware сontroversy, английский

Wood agate, английский

Wood alcohol, английский

Wood and wood, английский
    When two pieces of timber are so let into each other as to join close. also, when a tree-nail is driven through, its point being even with the inside surface.

Wood bearing block, английский

Wood block parquet floor, английский

Wood block paving, английский

Wood boat consruction, английский
    Конструкция судна из дерева

Wood boat construction, английский
    Конструкция судна из древисины

Wood brick., английский

Wood chain, английский

Wood chewing, английский
    A common vice that damages facilities and can cause abnormal wear of teeth and possible complications from wood splinters.

Woodcut, английский
  1. Woodcut is the earliest and most enduring, in that it is still practiced, of all print techniques. while woodcuts were first seen in ninth-century china, western artists have made woodcut prints since the fourteenth century. they were originally conceived

  2. Гравюра на дереве

White line woodcut., английский
    White line woodcut. this is a technique developed in america that allows a color woodcut print to be produced from a single block. the outline of the design is cut away (so that it will not print) and the desired colors are painted on the block, always se