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Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
    A method in which large number of lithographic stones are used to perform complex color separation.

Separation, английский
  1. Разделение, отделение; эшелонирование; интервал эшелонирования

  2. Отделение, разделение; эшелонирование; интервал эшелонирования

  3. The development of layers of paint of different composition in a can during storage when the materials are not completely soluble, miscible, or stable.

  4. The act of separating or dividing two or more people or things, or the state of being separated

  5. Супругов, судебное разлучение

Dabber, английский
  1. An instrument used for grinding pigments on an etching plate. the bottom of the dabber is covered with thick pad of wool surrounded by leather.

  2. A soft brush used to apply varnishes. dabbing, daubing dressing a stone surface with a special pointed tool to produce a pitted appearance. dad on drawings, abbr. for double-acting door. dado 1. the middle portion of a pedestal between the base (or the plinth) and the surbase (or the cornice, cap, or entablement); also called die. 2. the middle part (sometimes all parts) of a protective, ornamental paneling applied to the lower walls of a room above the baseboard. 3. a rectangular groove cut across the full width of a piece of wood to receive the end of another piece.

Chine collé:, английский
    Chine collé is a method of printing an image on a thin sheet of paper mounted on a backing sheet during a single pass through the press.