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Dutch mordant

Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
    This is used as an alternative to nitric acid in etching. this is a mixture of potassium chlorate and hydrochloric acid.

Dutch, английский
  1. Attractive. also dutchess or grand dutchess. example yo, that chick was dutch! yes, i agree, she was a grand dutchess.

  2. Language, or rather gibberish, which cannot be understood by a listener. (see double dutch.)

Dutch, английский

Dutch antilles express b.v., английский

Dutch auction, английский
  1. Auction in which the lowest price necessary to sell the entire offering becomes the price at which all securities offered are sold. this technique has been used in treasury auctions. often used in risk arbitrage. auction system in which the price of an item (stock) is gradually lowered until it meets a responsive bid (government t-bills) or offer (corporate repurchase) and is sold. in a corporate repurchase, a range of prices is set by the company within which shareholders are invited to tender their shares. the tender offer is open for a specific period of time (i.e., 20 days), and the quantity of stock to be purchased is stated as well, subject to proration if more shares are tendered than can be legally purchased under the stated terms (often an additional amount equal to 20% of outstanding shares can be purchased). the price paid is that at which the amount stated to be purchased can be sold. compare to double auction system.

  2. Аукцион с постепенным снижением цены (при размещении ценных бумаг продавец снижает стартовую цену

Dutch auction preferred stock, английский

Dutch bar, английский
    A structural element spanning the afterdeck of a tugboat and serving to keep the towing hawser above the heads of crew.

Dutch built, английский
    Formerly said by english seamen to describe a ship or a person who was broad and bluff without a hint of gracefulness.

Dutch collar, английский
    Similar to breast collar.

Dutch colonial style, английский

Dutch consolation, английский
    “whatever ill befalls you, there`s somebody that`s worse;” or “it`s very unfortunate; but thank god it`s no worse.”

Dutch courage, английский
  1. The excitement inspired by drinking spirits; false energy.

  2. Today, this means alcohol-inspired bravado. the term originated in the 17th century when there were three, essentially naval, anglo- dutch wars. during these, english seamen became convinced that the reckless bravery of their opponents could only be explained by the excessive consumption of geneva gin or schnapps before combat. (netherlanders were well aware of the royal navy’s rum or brandy ration, but they do not seem to have responded with the term “english valor.”)

Dutch cupboard, английский
    Предмет мебели, буфет с открытыми верхними полками

Dutch door., английский

Dutch double, английский
    Male/female team that alternates shots

Dutch drop, английский

Dutch eaves. springer, skewback, summer 1. the impost or place where the vertical support for an arch terminates and the curve of the arch begins. 2. the lower voussoir, or bottom stone of an arch, which lies immediately on an impost. 3. the bottom stone, английский

Dutch landfall, английский
    An illusion of land on the horizon.

Dutch method of application., английский

Dutch penetrometer, английский

Dutch plaice, английский
    The pleuronectes platessa. when small, it is called fleak; when large, dutch plaice.

Alternative, английский
  1. A альтернативный class, question alternativity n альтернативность

  2. Вариант (напр, проекта), вариантное решение || вариантный о as an ~ в качестве варианта [вариантного решения]

  3. One of the music genres that appears under genre classification in windows media player library. based on id3 standard tagging format for mp3 audio files. id3v1 genre id # 20.

Edition:, английский
    An edition is the number of prints produced from one plate, at the same time. this may be limited edition, or an open edition.

Dry-point, английский
    Drawing or painting directly on the plates creates a rough burr along the furrow. the result of the dry point is the soft lines with an engraving.