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Linoleum cut

Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
    This technique is similar to wood cut, but linoleum is used instead of wood.

Cut, английский
  1. One season's output of logs (8).

  2. Gash, slash, prick, nick, sever, slice, carve, cleave, slit, chop, crop, lop, reduce

  3. Coder under test

  4. Coordinated universal time

  5. A command that stops all action in actual production; or a visual technique for changing abruptly from one picture to an entirely different one; for example, quick cuts in which many different visuals appear rapidly one after another on the screen.

  6. To remove light from the scene, scenes from the film, money from the budget, or terms from an interminable glossary.

  7. 1. a reduction in the number or amount of something 2. a place where the skin has been penetrated by a sharp instrument  she had a bad cut on her left leg.  the nurse will put a bandage on your cut.  verb 1. to make an opening in something using a knife, scissors or other sharp thing  the surgeon cut the diseased tissue away with a scalpel.  she cut her finger on the broken glass. 2. to reduce the number or amount of something  accidents have been cut by 10%. (note: cutting – cut) cut- cut- prefix referring to the skin

  8. Cortada, cortar

  9. Вырез (deep neckline - глубокий, v-neck - треугольный, v-образный)

  10. Крой паруса; сечение

  11. A narrow boat channel; a canal.—to cut, to renounce acquaintance with any one.

  12. A passage or channel, usually dug out, but possibly eroded.

  13. A diamond’s surface features precisely proportioned facets that largely determine its beauty by emphasizing dispersion, brilliance, and scintillation, or by maximizing its size.

  14. (1) shape and style of a polished diamond, such as a round brilliant or an emerald cut. (2) proportions and finish of a diamond. one of the 4 cs, also called make.

  15. The cut is considered the most important quality of a diamond, yet it is the least understood of the 4cs. the cut of a diamond is imperative in determining how light passes through the stone – which affects the fire, brilliance, and sparkle.

  16. In prolog, a cut is an operator that is used to terminate backtracking. see also: prolog. cybenko`s theorem this theorem proved that it was possible to approximate any continuous function to any desired degree of accuracy using a neural network with a sigmoidal transfer function and two hidden layers. this is important, as it demonstrates that neural networks can "learn" arbitrary continuous functions to whatever accuracy is required. it does not state the size of the network that would be required to achieve the specified error rate. see also: neural network.

  17. To remove a graphic image or text from the present position on the page, thus allowing it to be moved elsewhere or deleted

  18. Communication utility channel

  19. Us term for uncoupling. was also used in the uk to refer to the sections a train was broken into when passing over a hump in a marshalling yard. since there isn`t any hump shunting in the uk any more i suppose this is obsolete.

Cut, английский

Cut, английский

Cut, английский

Cut, английский

Cut, английский

Cut, английский

Cut, английский

Cut, английский

Cut, немецкий
    Abkürzung für cutaway (engl.= hochoffizieller tagesanzug) die schöße des schwarzen sakkos verlaufen vom schließknopf aus bogenförmig nach hinten

Cut & lay, английский
    Installation of carpet other than normal booth or aisle size.

Cut (1), английский

Cut (2, 3), английский

Cut (4 y 5), английский

Cut (4){e}., английский

Cut (6), английский

Cut (7), английский

Cut (of a garment), английский
    Вырез (deep neckline - глубокий, v-neck - треугольный, v-образный)

Cut - back asphalt, английский

Cut - off, английский

Cut a stick, to, английский
    To make off clandestinely.—cut your stick, be off, or go away.

Offset-lithography, английский
    In this type of printing method, indirect image is transferred from photochemical plates. the plate transfers ink to a cylinder, which offsets the ink on the paper.

Glyptography, английский
  1. This is an electrotype method in which a copy of an engraved plate is used for letterpress printing.

  2. Резьба по драгоценному камню