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Translation services for tunneling shields and tunnel construction technologies

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Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
  1. The term refers to the left-hand page in a book. in prints, it refers to the backside of the print.

  2. The left hand page on a spread. the right page is called recto.

  3. Обратная сторона от ректо.

Watermark, английский
  1. A watermark is a pattern embossed in a piece of paper for identifying paper and papermaker.

  2. Traditionally, a watermark is an image or icon that is embedded into paper for security purposes (american paper currency has a watermark). in digital photography, a watermark refers to information that is embedded in the image data to protect the copyrights of the image.

  3. A distinctive logo or design created in paper at the time of manufacture that can be seen by holding the paper up to light.

  4. A threshold used to manage the memory consumption on each cache host. the high watermark and low watermark specify when objects are evicted out of memory. wau (n)

  5. An image that appears as the background to a document. generally faded and transparent, so that text can be clearly read over it.

Serigraph, английский
    This is a stencil printing process in which the paint is forced through the silk screen on to the textile or paper.