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  1. A term used to describe the direction of airflow through a furnace. a downflow furnace takes return air from the top, heats it, and then delivers the warm air from the bottom.

  2. Нисходящий (воздушный) поток

  3. Нисходящий поток (при подаче воды в верхнюю часть фильтра)

Dfl, английский
  1. Decision feedback loop

  2. Downflow

  3. Язык форматирования изображений d-flip-flop d-триггер

Нисходящий поток, русский

Нисходящий, русский
    Нисходящий , по нисходящей линии

Duct/ductwork/ducting, английский
    A central heating and air conditioning system uses many components to heat or cool air. this warm or cool air is then transferred to different registers throughout the house via special, flexible, large-diameter pipes or ducts. the system of ducts through

Contour comfort control, английский
    The brain behind the most advanced furnace technology available today. used in the rheem classic 90 plus modulating gas furnaces with contour comfort control™, this breakthrough technology can keep temperatures throughout your house constant - as constant