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Evaporator coil/evaporator

Глоссарий по газовому и отопительному оборудованию
    An integral part of the indoor unit of a heat pump or air conditioning system. so called because when warm air passes over a coil filled with liquid refrigerant, the refrigerant itself evaporates and absorbs some of the heat. this gas refrigerant is then

Evaporator, английский
  1. Absorbs heat or liquid from the surrounding air and then moves it outside the refrigerated area by means of a refrigerant also known as a cooling coil, blower

  2. Испаритель

  3. That part of a refrigeration system in which cooling is produced by evaporation of the liquid refrigerant, thereby absorbing heat and resulting in cooling.

  4. Испаритель (в холодильнике)

  5. A device for vaporizing seawater to make it salt-free.

Evaporator bottoms, английский

Evaporator coil, английский
  1. The part of a cooling system that absorbs heat from air in your home. also see condensing unit.

  2. Part of a split-system air conditioner or heat pump located inside the home. a series tubes filled with refrigerant cools and dehumidifies the air by converting liquid refrigerant into a gas (or vice-versa). a blower motor then moves air over the coil to

  3. Located inside the home, a series or network of tubes filled with refrigerant that remove heat and moisture from indoor air as liquid refrigerant evaporates

  4. Змеевик испарителя “every child counts!”

Evaporator contractor, английский

Evaporator fan motor, английский

Evaporator holdover, английский

Evaporator panel, английский

Evaporator pressure regulator, английский

Conditioning, английский
  1. Кондиционирование

  2. The art and science of preparing a horse mentally and physically for a particular use such as pleasure riding, competitive trail riding, or showing.

  3. A process of allowing textile materials to reach equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere.

  4. A process of allowing textile materials (staple, tow, yarns, and fabrics) to reach hygroscopic equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. materials may be conditioned in a standard atmosphere (65%rh,70°f) for testing purposes or in arbitrary conditions existing in manufacturing or processing areas. cone: a conical package of yarn, usually wound on a disposable paper core.

  5. Меры к улучшению физического состояния

Refrigerant, английский
  1. A substance that remains a gas at low temperatures and pressure and can be used to transfer heat. freon is an example and is used in air conditioning systems.

  2. A substance that produces a re-cooling effect while expanding or vaporizing.

  3. A substance that produces a recooling effect while expanding or vaporizing.

  4. A substance that produces a refrigerating effect while expanding or vaporizing

  5. The liquid used to absorb and transfer heat from one part of the home comfort system to another.

  6. The medium of heat transfer in a refrigeration system which absorbs heat by evaporation at low temperature and pressure and gives up heat on condensing at higher temperatures and pressures.

  7. Хладагент, первичный хладо- носитель

  8. Охлаждающее средство, хладагент. 2-propenal — 2-пропенал. бесцветная или бледно-желтая жидкость с удушливым запахом, формула сн2снсно; общепри- 110

Horizontal flow, английский
    A term used to describe the direction of airflow through a furnace. a horizontal flow furnace takes return air from one side, heats it, and then delivers the warm air from the other side.

Duct/ductwork/ducting, английский
    A central heating and air conditioning system uses many components to heat or cool air. this warm or cool air is then transferred to different registers throughout the house via special, flexible, large-diameter pipes or ducts. the system of ducts through