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Horizontal flow

Глоссарий по газовому и отопительному оборудованию
    A term used to describe the direction of airflow through a furnace. a horizontal flow furnace takes return air from one side, heats it, and then delivers the warm air from the other side.

Flow, английский
  1. Flux;débit

  2. Поток, течение

  3. Поток (в снс; учитываемая за определенный период или на определенную дату экономическая операция — по отношению к доходам, расходам, обязательствам и др.)

  4. 1. a movement of liquid or gas  they used a tourniquet to try to stop the flow of blood. 2. the amount of liquid or gas which is moving  the meter measures the flow of water through the pipe.

  5. N поток information ~ поток информации

  6. Поток

  7. In tidology, the rising of the tide; the opposite of ebb. also, the course or direction of running waters.

  8. Said of an incoming tide.

  9. Describes the smooth surface characteristics of the powder coating

Flow, английский

Flow, английский

Flow, английский

Flow, английский

Flow (measured), английский

Flow (stream), английский

Flow a t tenua t i on, английский

Flow analysis, английский
    Анализ потоков

Flow and return, английский

Flow au gmen ta t i on, английский

Flow augmenting, английский
    Увеличение потока

Flow balancing, английский

Flow banding, английский

Flow breaks away on the upper surface, английский

Flow breccia, английский

Flow brightening, английский

Flow bundle, английский
    Связка выкидных линий (подводной фонтанной арматуры)

Flow capacity, английский
    Пропускная способность

Flow central devices panel, английский

Flow characteristic, английский

Horizontal, английский
  1. Горизонталь; горизонтальный

  2. Горизонталь; горизонтальный 287

  3. At right angles to the direction of gravity; on the level; parallel to the horizon; neither vertical nor inclined.

  4. A direction parallel to the horizon, or what is commonly termed lying flat. one of the greatest inconveniences navigators have to struggle with is the frequent want of a distinct sight of the horizon. to obviate this a horizontal spinning speculum was adopted by mr. lerson, who was lost in the victory man-of-war, in which ship he was sent out to make trial of his instrument. this was afterwards improved by smeaton, and consists of a well-polished metal speculum about 3-1/2 inches in diameter, inclosed within a circular rim of brass, so fitted that the centre of gravity of the whole shall fall near the point on which it spins. this is the end of a steel axis running through the centre of the speculum, above which it finishes in a square for the convenience of fitting a

Indoor coils, английский
    Split-system home comfort systems use two main components to deliver air for a comfortable living environment. the indoor coil is the device responsible for transferring heat from indoors to the outdoors (or the reverse in the case of a heat pump in heati

Evaporator coil/evaporator, английский
    An integral part of the indoor unit of a heat pump or air conditioning system. so called because when warm air passes over a coil filled with liquid refrigerant, the refrigerant itself evaporates and absorbs some of the heat. this gas refrigerant is then