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Глоссарий по газовому и отопительному оборудованию
  1. The air conditioning and refrigeration institute performs tests and assigns a sound rating number (srn) to units. a lower srn rating indicates a quieter unit with average srns of between 74db and 80db..

  2. Short-range navigation (system)

Short-range navigation (system), английский
  1. Радионавигационная импульсная дальномерная система среднего и ближнего действия «шора н»

  2. Радионавигационная система ближнего действия

Slotted-ring network, английский

Conditioning, английский
  1. Кондиционирование

  2. The art and science of preparing a horse mentally and physically for a particular use such as pleasure riding, competitive trail riding, or showing.

  3. A process of allowing textile materials to reach equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere.

  4. A process of allowing textile materials (staple, tow, yarns, and fabrics) to reach hygroscopic equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. materials may be conditioned in a standard atmosphere (65%rh,70°f) for testing purposes or in arbitrary conditions existing in manufacturing or processing areas. cone: a conical package of yarn, usually wound on a disposable paper core.

  5. Меры к улучшению физического состояния

Refrigeration, английский
  1. Охлаждение; холодильный

  2. Охлаждение

  3. The process by which heat is absorbed from a body or substance by expansion or vaporization of a refrigerant, lowering its body temperature and maintaining the temperature below its surroundings.

  4. 1. the process of making something cold 2. the process of making part of the body very cold, to give the effect of an anaesthetic

  5. Искусственное [машинное] охлаждение

Navigation, английский
  1. The art and science of conducting a boat safely from one point to another.

  2. Навигация

  3. The art and science of conducting a ship safely from one point to another

  4. Мореходство, судоходство, плавание,

  5. Судовождение, судоходство

  6. The art of conducting vessels on the sea, not only by the peculiar knowledge of seamanship in all its intricate details, but also by such a knowledge of the higher branches of nautical astronomy as enables the commander to hit his port, after a long succession of bad weather, and an absence of three or four months from all land. any man without science may navigate the entire canals of great britain, but may be unable to pass from plymouth to guernsey.

  7. The science or art of planning, ascertaining, and recording the course of a vessel or aircraft; including fixing present and predicting future location, and collision avoidance. the word comes from the sanskrit navagati.

  8. Навигация; перемещение

Watt/watts, английский
    Electrical power, also expressed as `w`. for example, a 100w globe consumes 100 watts of electrical power. the w in watt is always uppercased, because it is named after a person.

Package unit, английский
    Equipment in which all heating and cooling components are located in one cabinet. installed either beside or on top of a home or business.