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Amphibious version

Словарь терминов и сокращений в авиации
    Амфибийный `вариант (самолета) а уел angle of attack угол атаки

Amphibious, английский

Amphibious assault, английский
    An operation in which an attack is launched from seaward against a hostile shore. after marines or sea-transported soldiers have secured a beachhead, the attack becomes a conventional military ground operation. 23 amphibious

Amphibious assault helicopter carrier; assault helicopter carrier 29, английский

Amphibious demonstration, английский
    An amphibious operation conducted as a feint to deceive enemy forces and divert them away from other operations.

Amphibious dock ship, английский

Amphibious flagship, английский
    During world war ii, wanting to remove tactical force commanders and their staffs from overcrowded combat ships, the usn converted a number of merchantmen and naval vessels to serve as floating command posts during largescale amphibious operations in the pacific. see also command ship and lcc.

Amphibious lift, английский
    The carrying capacity of assault shipping assigned to an amphibious operation, expressed in terms of personnel, vehicles, and weight (or measurement) of supplies.

Amphibious operation, английский
    A military operation that uses the flexibility and mobility of water transport to launch (preferably surprise) assaults, raids, or demonstrations from ships at sea against hostile or potentially hostile ground forces, or to extract friendly forces from a hostile shore the complexity of such operations demands closely coordinated efforts by specially trained sea, air, and ground forces.

Amphibious raid, английский
    A type of amphibious operation involving swift incursion of a hostile objective, followed by scheduled withdrawal after temporary occupation.

Amphibious ready group, английский
    A usn formation usually consisting of a helicopter carrier and several amphibious assault ships with embarked marines.

Amphibious ship, английский
    A vessel designed to transport supplies, put them on shore, and support forces engaged in amphibious operations. capable of being loaded or unloaded by naval personnel without external equipment or assistance. may have a floodable well deck.

Amphibious transport dock, английский
    A ship with embarked landing craft, amphibious vehicles, and helicopters to land troops, equipment, and supplies.

Amphibious warfare, английский
    The use of naval forces to project military power onto a hostile shore, requiring the coordination of aviation, firepower, transport, and logistics.

Amphibious withdrawal, английский
    The seaward extraction of friendly forces from a hostile or potentially hostile shore. this is the most complex of all military maneuvers.

Amphibiousness, английский
    The ability to operate on land or water.

Versūs), латинский

Vers, gedicht, немецкий

Versa module eurocard computer bus, английский

Versace-drucke, немецкий
    Auffällige und starkfarbige druckmuster mit ornament- und schmuckmotiven, die der italienische designer gianni versace in mode gebracht hat

Versailles, английский
    Г. версаль {франция)

Амфибийный, русский

Annular, английский
  1. Кольцевой

  2. Said of a ring-shaped structure or object.

  3. Resembling an annulus or ring. an annular eclipse takes place when the apparent diameter of the moon is less than that of the sun, and a zone of light surrounds the moon while central.

  4. Кольцевой, кольцеобразный

Airplane, английский
  1. Самолет

  2. Самолет; самолетный

  3. A powered aircraft that derives its lift from the movement of air over fixed lifting surfaces. (also aeroplane)