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Словарь терминов и сокращений в авиации
  1. Кольцевой

  2. Said of a ring-shaped structure or object.

  3. Resembling an annulus or ring. an annular eclipse takes place when the apparent diameter of the moon is less than that of the sun, and a zone of light surrounds the moon while central.

  4. Кольцевой, кольцеобразный

Круглый, русский
    Круглый , кривой, совершенно, целый

Кольцевой, кольцеобразный, русский

Apogee, английский
  1. Апогей

  2. That point of the moon`s orbit which is furthest from the earth; the opposite of perigee. the apogee of the sun is synonymous with the aphelion of the earth. the word is also used as a general term to express the greatest distance of any heavenly body from the earth.

  3. The point in a missile trajectory or satellite orbit that is furthest from the earth (cf. perigee).

Amphibious version, английский
    Амфибийный `вариант (самолета) а уел angle of attack угол атаки