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Словарь терминов и сокращений в авиации
  1. Arab air carriers organization

  2. Assault airlift control officer -

  3. Arab air carriers organisation

Arab air carriers organization, английский
    Арабская авиатранспортная организация

Assault airlift control officer -, английский
    Офицер, ответственный за переброску воздушного десанта

Organization, английский
  1. Организация

  2. N организация lexical ~ лексическая организация orientational a ориентационный metaphor

  3. Европейская организация производства товарного бетона

  4. Организация ~ of safety обеспечение безопасности (на производстве); меры по технике безопасности ~ of work организация работ

  5. Has at least three meanings (1) the act of arranging components to form a pattern different from what would occur by chance, by some criterion or better than it was before (->coordination) e.g., conducting a political campaign; (2) a complex complementary conditionality in behavior or in the coexistence of physical or living components (ashby) as in an ecological system or in such social organizations as a family, a university or a government agency being constituted by its members through conventional rules of conduct, legally recognized and interacted with by observers or by other social organizations; (3) the relations, and processes of communication, including coordination and coorientation among the components or variables of a system that (a) determine the dynamics of interaction and transformations it may undergo in a physical space and (b) constitute (->constitution) its unity whether only for an observer (->allopoiesis) or also for itself (->autopoiesis). in this third and largely cybernetic meaning, the properties of the components that realize a system as a concrete physical entity do not enter the description of that system`s organization. it follows that machines, organisms and social forms of vastly different materiality and components may have the same organization. accordingly, a whole system 56 may be explained in terms of the properties of its components and its organization (->analysis). the use to which a particular system may be put or who created it in the first place is not a feature of its organization. a theory of design (including engineering), management and of (concrete) organizational behavior is concerned with (1). a theory of organizations concerns (2) and attempts to provide generalizations about how cells, or organisms interact or how and why people work together and form larger unities (->general systems theory). cybernetics is concerned and has in fact been considered coextensive with an organization theory which concerns (3) and attempts to provide theories of or a logic for how unities and whole systems can arise or be maintained through the forms of communication (and more complex kinds of interactions and interdependencies) among components without reference to their materiality. the theory of modelling is a direct outgrowth of this organization concept. like cybernetics generally, an organization theory is not disturbed by the possibility that some organizations may not be realized by man or by nature but it will be informed by the finding that they cannot exist (ashby).

  6. A work structure that divides the responsibility for economic resources and processes.

  7. The top level of a business hierarchy.

Organisation, английский
  1. An owner or an operator, or a person or a body that is both owner and operator.

  2. 1. a group of people set up for a particular purpose 2. the planning or arranging of something  the organisation of the rota 3. the way in which the component parts of something are arranged

  3. Организационная структура (компании)

Arab air carriers organization, английский
    Арабская авиатранспортная организация

Army aircraft, английский
    Авиация сухопутных войск; самолет(ы) или вертолет (ы) авиации сухопутных войск