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Color bars

CCTV glossary (глоссарий терминов по видеонаблюдению)
  1. A pattern generated by a video test generator, consisting of eight equal width color

  2. A pattern generated by a video test generator, consisting of eight equal width color bars. colors are white (75%), black (7.5% setup level), 75% saturated pure colors red, green and blue, and 75% saturated hues of yellow, cyan and magenta (mixtures of two colors in 1:1 ratio without third color).

Bar, английский
  1. Barre;allonge de déboucheuse

  2. A unit of pressure equal to 100 kilopascals.the millibar (1/1000 bar) is commonly used in aviation and meteorology. the pascal (newton/meter² ) is the s.i. unit for pressure.

  3. I barometer

  4. Barometer

  5. Barometric (pressure)

  6. Barrier

  7. Battery acquisition radar

  8. Bureau of aeronautics representative

  9. Препятствие (юридическое препятствие выдаче патента, подаче заявки и т. д.)

  10. См. bar graph

  11. Large mass of sand or earth, formed by the surge of the sea. they are mostly found at the entrances of great rivers or havens, and often render navigation extremely dangerous, but confer tranquility once inside. see also: touch and go, grounding. alfred lord tennyson`s poem "crossing the bar" is an allegory for death.

  12. Пруток, стержень, штанга, бар, береговой

  13. A steel with a u-shaped claw at one end and a chisel point at the other; often used as a lever for lifting heavy objects. pin-connected truss any truss having its main members joined by pins.

  14. [1] a shoal across the mouth of a tidal estuary. [2] a unit of atmospheric pressure. [3] a turning-bar.

  15. A region of shallow water usually made of sand or mud.

  16. See: builders` all risk

  17. Slang for one million dollars.

  18. The enclosed horizontal stroke in characters ‘a’, ‘h’, and ‘e’.

  19. Пряжка на орденской ленте к английским орденам

  20. Burnup absorber rods

  21. Board of airline representatives (yy)

Bar, английский

Bar, английский

Bar, английский

Bar, польский

Bar, немецкий

Bar, шведский

Bar, испанский
    All of the lawyers qualified to practice law. for example, a state bar includes all of the lawyers qualified to practice law in that state

Bar, французский
    = 0.987 atmosphere = 1.02 kg/cm2 = 100 kilopascal = 14.5 lbs/square inch.

Bar (a.), шведский

Bar (structural), английский

Bar (transformer bar), английский

Bar -, английский
  1. Арматурная сетка из круглых стержней [прутков] base ~ несущий каркас

  2. Календарный график работ

  3. Узел соединения стержней; соединение стержней beam ~ 1. сопряжение балок 2. соединение элементов составной балки

Bar - wire, английский

Bar and channel topography, английский
    A local-scale topographic pattern of recurring, small, sinuous or arcuate ridges separated by shallow troughs irregularly spaced across low-relief flood plains(slopes generally 2 -6 %); the effect is one of a subdued, sinuously undulating surface that is common on active, meandering flood plains. micro-elevational differences between bars and channels generally range from <0.5 to 2 m and are largely controlled by the competency of the stream. the ridge-like bars often consist of somewhat coarser sediments compared to the finer textured sediments of the micro-low troughs. compare - meander scroll, meander belt. sw

Bar and chucking machine, английский
    Токарный станок для прутковых и патронных работ

Bar association, английский

Bar bag (также front bag), английский

Bar bender, английский

Bar bending, английский
    In reinforced concrete construction, the process of bending reinforcing bars to various shapes.

Bar billiards, английский
    «бильярд с перекладиной» (вид бильярда-автомата, по истечении установленного времени перекладина автоматически опускается и игра прекращается)

Apostilb, английский
  1. A photometric unit for measuring luminance where, instead of candelas, lumens are

  2. A photometric unit for measuring luminance where, instead of candelas, lumens are used to measure the luminous flux of a source. 3 / 43

  3. A unit of luminance equal to (1/?) candela per square meter.

Wavelet., английский
    A particular type of video compression that is especially suitable for cctv. offers higher