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Load unit

Глоссарий складской терминологии

    Грузовая единица, русский
      Контейнер или съемный кузов а также груженый (порожний) полуприцеп или автопоезд. в принципе грузовой единицей может быть любой ящик или грузовое место.

    Load, английский
    1. Нагрузка

    2. N нагрузка theory cognitive ~ когнитивная нагрузка loantranslation и loan translation n калька (син. calque); калькирование loanword и loan-word

    3. [1] to stow cargo or supplies in a ship, aircraft, or vehicle. [2] the cargo carried or to be carried at one time or in one trip. [3] the amount that can be or is usually carried. [4] the weight or stress that a line or structure can bear. [5] the charge for a firearm. [6] to put ammunition into a weapon.

    4. Sometimes used as a synonym for bit load.

    5. The act or process of placing an explosive in a borehole; also, the explosive so placed. see charge 1 and

    6. An end use device or customer that receives power from an energy delivery system. load should not be confused with demand, which is the measure of power that a load receives or requires. see demand.

    7. The demand on an energy producing system; the energy consumption or requirement of a piece or group of equipment. usually expressed in terms of amperes or watts in reference to electricity.

    8. The collective appliances and other devices connected to a power source. when used with a shunt regulator, a load is often used to absorb any excess power being generated. m

    9. The simultaneous demand of all customers required at any specified point in an electric power system.

    10. The demand on an energy producing system; the energy consumption or requirement

    11. Loading

    Load, английский

    Load, английский

    Load (т-же gear), английский

    Load - bearing reinforcement, английский

    Load - bearing structures, английский

    Load a container, русский

    Load action, английский
      Действие по нагрузке

    Load address, английский
      Адрес загрузки; загрузочный адрес; начальный адрес load-and-go загрузка с последующим выполнением; исполнение по загрузке; немедленное выполнение load-and-go compiler компилятор с немедленным исполнением программы load-and-go program программа с запуском по загрузке

    Load after failure capability, английский
      Усилие привода после отказа одного или нескольких каналов

    Load alleviation and mode stabilization, английский
      (program) программа снижения полетных нагрузок и стабилизации [демпфирования] колебаний конструкции

    Load alleviation and stabilization (program), английский
      Программа исследования способов снижения нагрузок на конструкцию самолета

    Load and resistance factor design, английский
      Расчет по коэффициентам нагрузок и сопротивления

    Load and store, английский
      Загрузка с запоминанием

    Load arrangement, английский

    Load arrangement:, английский
      Identification of the position, magnitude and direction of a free action

    Load average, английский
      Средняя нагрузка

    Load balance, английский
      To redistribute work to available resources or to reschedule to available times.

    Load balancer, английский
    1. A device or software that distributes the work between several computers, processes, hard disks, or other resources to get optimal resource utilization. a network load balancer, in the context of application request routing, is a proxy-based load balancer that distributes network traffic among several web servers.

    2. A layer-4 (tcp, udp) type load balancer that distributes incoming traffic among healthy service instances in cloud services or virtual machines defined in a load balancer set.

    Load balancing, английский
    1. The pre-stressing of a beam or slab so that it is subject to zero bending movement under its service load. load-bearing partition a partition capable of supporting a load in addition to its own weight. load-bearing tile tile, used in masonry walls, which carries superimposed loads. load-bearing wall a wall capable of supporting an imposed load in addition to its own weight. load-carrying band a flat piece of metal which is welded to a side or end of a grating panel, used in a cutout to transfer the load from unsupported to supported bearing bars. load-deflection curve a graph in which increasing flexural loads on a beam are plotted along the vertical axis, and deflections resulting from these loads are plotted along the horizontal axis.

    2. Распределение нагрузки; балансирование нагрузки; выравнивание нагрузки load-balancing cluster кластер с балансированием нагрузки load-balancing task задача балансирования нагрузки; задача распределения нагрузки load-bearing несущий load-bearing part несущая деталь load-bearing value несущая величина

    3. In client/server network administration, the process of reducing heavy traffic flows either by dividing a busy network segment into multiple smaller segments or by using software to distribute traffic among multiple network interface cards working simultaneously to transfer information to a server.

    4. In distributed processing, the distribution of activity across two or more servers in order to avoid overloading any one with too many requests from users.

    5. In routing, the capability of a router to distribute traffic over all its network ports that are the same distance from the destination address. good loadbalancing algorithms use both line speed and reliability information.

    Load bearing, английский

    Грузовая единица, русский
      Контейнер или съемный кузов а также груженый (порожний) полуприцеп или автопоезд. в принципе грузовой единицей может быть любой ящик или грузовое место.