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Stock keeping unit

Глоссарий складской терминологии
  1. A unique identifier, usually alphanumeric, for a product. the sku allows a product to be tracked for inventory purposes. an sku can be associated with any item that can be purchased. for example, a shirt in style number 3726, size 8 might have a sku of 3726-8.

  2. An item and its assigned inventory dimensions.

Складская единица, русский

Identifier, английский
  1. Опознавательное устройство •

  2. Идентификатор

  3. A distinguishing label assigned to data entities.

  4. An element of an expression that refers to the value of a field, control, or property.

  5. Any text string used as a label, such as the name of a procedure or a variable in a program or the name attached to a hard disk or floppy disk.

  6. Unique text or a unique image on a document that entrance uses to identify which document definition to associate it with. documents with the same identifiers are from the same sender.

Alphanumeric, английский
  1. Знаковый, буквенно-цифровой

  2. Алфавитно-числовой; буквенно-цифровой; текстовый

Associated, английский
  1. Соответствующий; связанный; присоединенный

  2. Experiencing through your own senses (seeing through your own eyes, hearing with your own ears, feeling with your own feelings.)

Dimensions, английский
  1. (главные) размерения

  2. Height, width, length of an article (e.g.: container, cargo) measured parallel to each of its axes ad expressed in order.

  3. Соответствие проектным геометрическим размерам

  4. Размеры груза (длина, ширина, высота)

Складская единица, русский

Automatic storage/retrieval system, английский