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Inbound order

Глоссарий складской терминологии

    Входящий заказ, русский

    Inbound, английский
    1. The direction of a signal relative to the hub of a local area network (lan) or other telecommunications system. signals would be traveling from originating points other than the primary hub in the reverse direction to the hub.

    2. Heading toward the shore, homeward bound.

    3. Coming into the u.s.; onshore; such as funds beingpaid to a u.s. person from an offshore entity.

    Inbound and outbound freights of the region index, английский

    Inbound and outbound loads balance, английский

    Inbound call, английский
      Внешний исходящий звонок inbound call-answering device служба ответа на вызовы, поступающие в сеть извне

    Inbound cargo, английский

    Inbound connection, английский
      Входящее соединение

    Inbound dock, английский
      An area in a warehouse where items are stored when they are received in inventory.

    Inbound freights of the region index, английский

    Inbound link, английский
    1. Входящая ссылка

    2. A link to a webpage that originates from an external website. for example, if search engine journal were to link to google, that would count as an inbound link on google’s side; if google were to link to search engine journal, that would be an inbound link on sej’s side.

    3. A link pointing to one’s website, originating from a different website.

    Inbound links, английский

    Inbound mail server, английский
      The ip address that inbound e-mail is delivered to after it has been processed by the hosted filtering service. inbound mail server addresses are defined for each domain in your organization.

    Inbound marketing, русский
      Совокупность инструментов интернет-продвижения, используемых для привлечения внимания аудитории к продукту без применения навязчивой рекламы. читайте по ссылке подробное определение,

    Inbound marketing, английский
      A form of marketing in which a company attracts potential customers to it instead of reaching out to them.

    Inbound merchandise transfer costs, английский

    Inbound operation signal, английский
      Сигнал операции ввода

    Inbound port, английский
      A port for servicing inbound requests.

    Inbound radial, английский
      Радиопеленг на радионавигационную точку

    Inbound router, английский
      An application on a front-end server that manages the routing of inbound messages to unified communications users. inbox (n)

    Inbound traffic, английский
      Входной трафик

    Inbound transaction, английский
      Term which refers to the tax treatment of foreigners doing business and investment in other countries.

    Входящий заказ, русский

    Складская единица, русский