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Глоссарии и словари бюро переводов Фларус

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Racking location

Глоссарий складской терминологии

    Стеллажное место, русский

    Locat, английский
      Low-cost air target

    Locatable minerals, английский

    Locataire, французский

    Locate, английский
    1. Определять местонахождение

    2. Находить, определять местоположение

    3. Lower atmospheric composition and temperature

    4. To find.

    Locate, английский

    Locate button, английский
      Кнопка местоположения

    Locate data, английский
      Локализованные данные

    Locate key, английский
      Установочная клавиша; клавиша, управляющая местоположением объекта на экране

    Locate mode, английский
      Режим указания; режим локализации locate-mode buffering буферизация без перемещения

    Located, английский
    1. Расположен (ный); находящийся

    2. Находящийся

    Located object, английский

    Locates, английский
      Location air traffic en- route by satellite

    Locating, английский

    Locating hole , английский

    Locating pad, английский

    Locating spar, английский

    Locatio, латинский

    Location, английский
    1. A place in a network with a designated name, identification number, or kilometrage.

    2. (рас)положение; местонахождение; размещение

    3. (место) расположение; отыскание [определение] места

    4. An area used for shooting, or considered for use, other than a studio. and other than a place previously used by an inconsiderate crew.

    5. Перенесение

    6. A spot or place where a borehole is to be drilled ; a drill site.

    7. The act of fixing, according to law, the boundaries of a mining claim; also the mining claim itself.

    8. A functional facility.

    9. A geographic point or region.

    10. A physical address.

    11. A specific, delimited physical place, such as a bin, shelf, rack, or aisle.

    12. An electronic address.

    13. Any disk drive, folder, or other place in which you can store files and folders. programs will commonly ask you to choose a location to save a file.

    14. The street address or geographical coordinates of a user, and (by way of extensions) of the user’s computer or devices.

    15. Trenchless procedures for identifying the site of underground utilities, infrastructure, obstructions, etc. without excavation or with minimum excavation.

    16. This is an identification number that represents a specific combination of pobox, street, streetsupplement, postalcode, city, state, countrycoded, and countryname in the sender registry.

    Location, английский
      A place which can be identified, for the purposes of giving and receiving messages, using one or a combination of the following identifiers • track name, for example, up/down, loop • signals • points • permanent structures, for example, bridge, roadway, overpass or mast numbers

    Location, английский
      The designated name used to describe a place on the railway.

    Location (ed.), английский

    Стеллажное место, русский

    Декантирование, русский