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Глоссарий складской терминологии
  1. Пополнение; восполнение; ркт подпитка

  2. An inventory management process in which a warehouse location is automatically or manually restocked based on predefined criteria to maintain the correct inventory levels at the location.

Пополнение, русский

Стадия наполнения, русский

Восполнение, русский
    Восстановление объема денежных средств, запасов, доведение их до требуемой нормы, дополнение имеющихся средств недостающими.

Management, английский
  1. Управление; руководство

  2. Управление, руководство

  3. 1) управление, руководство 2) администрация

  4. 1. the organising or running of an organisation such as a hospital, clinic or health authority 2. the organisation of a series of different treatments for a person

  5. Управление (деятельностью программы, организации)

  6. Лечение. в контексте клинических исследований слово «management» («управление») может иметь значение «лечение». например, diabetes management - лечение диабета. встречающийся термин: ведение

  7. Управление с применением эвм, автоматизированное управление 3. computer-aided manufacturing автоматизированное производство 4. computer-aided modeling построение моделей с помощью эвм can, canv canvas холст c&btr. grade с and better (пиломатериал) сорта с и лучше cat. catalog каталог

  8. Управление, менеджмент ~ of building site управление [руководство] работами на стройплощадке

  9. The process of governing a country or administering an enterprise including the development of corporate strategy and longrange planning on the top and the regulation, coordination and control of such activities as production, accounting, marketing, personnel, research and development in the middle, the supervised operations being performed below. one key to effective management is the adequate flow of information between and within strategic, functional and operational levels so as to allow for timely and appropriate decisions to be made (->intelligence). management information systems constitute a technological solution to information flow problems. another key is the form of control exercised through spelling out objectives (e.g.->algedonic regulation) providing incentive schemes for production as well as cooperation, etc. manifest/latent functions

  10. The art of taking actions that affect a resource and its exploitation with a view to achieve certain objectives, such as maximizing the production of that resource (e.g., fishery regulations such as catch quotas or closed seasons). managers are those who practice management.

  11. The people who administer a company, create policies, and provide the support necessary to implement the owners` business objectives.

  12. Осторожное, бережное, чуткое отношение к людям

  13. Руководители банка

Automatically, английский

Predefined, английский
    Предопределенный; встроенный; стандартный

Отгрузочная паллета, русский

Приемка, русский