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Extinct volcano

Earth Science
    A volcano that is not presently erupting and is not likely to do so for a very long time in the future.

Extinct, английский
    A потухший, угасший; вымер- ший, мертвый language extralinguistic a экстралингвистический, вне- языковой (ант. intralinguistic) factor

Extincteur, французский

Extincting, английский
    To be heading towards extinction. example that dongle is extincting.

Extinction, французский
    Dans le conditionnement classique, il s'agit de la diminution de l'intensité de la réponse lorsqu'on cesse d'associer le stimulus conditionnel au stimulus inconditionnel

Extinction, английский
  1. 1. the destruction or stopping of something 2. the lessening or stopping of a conditioned behavioural response through lack of reinforcement

  2. Затухание; ослабление; гашение

  3. Экстинкция. термин, который по международному соглашению сохранен для обозначения некоторых характеристик, связанных с диффузией излучения. его не следует применять для обозначения поглощения излучения. см. ab-sorbance; absorption coefficient, linear — спектральная погло-щательная способность; линейный коэффициент поглощения.

Extinction à l'azote, французский

Extinction à sec du coke, французский

Extinction angle, английский

Extinction coefficient, английский
  1. Коэффициент экстинкции

  2. Коэффициент экстинкции. см. absorption coefficient, linear — линейный коэффициент поглощения.

Extinction coefficient (by smoke), английский
    Coefficient (in m-1) measuring the reduction of light intensity across a unit distance due to smoke obscuration.

Extinction d'un droit, французский

Extinction direction, английский

Extinction ratio, английский
  1. The ratio of the low, or off optical power level (pl) to the high, or on optical power level (ph).

  2. The ratio of the power of a plane-polarized beam that is transmitted through a polarizer placed in its path with its polarizing axis parallel to the beam`s plane, as compared with the transmitted power when the polarizer`s axis is perpendicular to the beam`s plane.

Extinctive atmosphere, английский

Extinctus, латинский

Volcano, английский
  1. A burning mountain or vent for subterranean fire; also applied to one which vomits only mud and water.

  2. (a) a vent in the surface of the earth through which magma and associated gases and ash erupt; also, the form or structure, usually conical, that is produced by the ejected material. (b) any eruption of material, e.g. mud, sand, etc. that resembles a magmatic volcano. gg

Volcano hazards program (usgs), английский

Volcano-karst, английский

Volcanogenic, английский

Volcanologist, английский

Aquifer, perched, английский
    An aquifer containing unconfined groundwater separated from an underlying body of groundwater by an unsaturated zone.

Active volcano, английский
    A volcano that is erupting; or one that, while not erupting at the present, has erupted within (geologically) recent time and is considered likely to do so in the (geologically) near future.