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Boy look

    Boy look, английский

    Boy, английский
      From its earliest days, ships of the royal navy carried male children, who served in many capacities, including powder-monkey and apprentice seaman. the official rating of boy seaman evolved during the eighteenth century and eventually created a pool of men, trained in the ways of the navy (but knowing virtually nothing else). in 1903, the rating of boy artificer was introduced, to provide training in the emerging technologies of steam, aircraft, and signals. the recruitment and training of boys continued until its abolition in 1956. boy was an enlisted rating in the united states navy from 1797 until 1893. meanwhile, an apprentice system, introduced in 1875, had begun to form a major part of the training program for enlisted men. its purpose was to attract high caliber youngsters to enlist as apprentice boys for instruction in seamanship, gunnery and the rudiments of a general education. this program was discontinued in 1904.

    Boy, английский

    Boy look, английский

    Boy seaman, английский
      A young sailor, still in training

    Boy-clean, английский

    Boy-clean, английский

    Boyart, английский
      An old term for a hoy.

    Boyau de mine, французский

    Boyaux, английский
      The zig-zags or tortuous trenches in the approach of a besieger.

    Boyce, английский

    Boycott, английский
      A refusal to buy certain goods.

    Boyd, английский

    Boyden, английский

    Boyed up, английский

    Boyed up, английский

    Boyer, английский
    1. A sloop of flemish construction, with a raised work at each end.

    2. A flemish boat with high bow and stern works.

    Boyfriend, английский

    Boyfriend, английский

    Boyfriend, girlfriend, английский

    Boygirl, английский

    Boy-clean, английский

    Boxing, английский
    1. Using an electronic device to control another electronic device. usualy fraudulent. example the cable company busted chris for black boxing. the telco arrested 2 teens the otherday for blue boxing.

    2. A square piece of dry hard wood, used in connecting the frame timbers. also, the projection formerly left at the hawse-pieces, in the wake of the hawse-holes, where the planks do not run through; now disused. the stem is said to be boxed when it is joined to the fore end of the keel by a side scarph. (see boxing of rudder.)