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Modified auditor

Глоссарий терминов по МСФО

    Модифицированное аудиторское заключение, русский

    Auditor, английский

    Auditor, латинский

    Auditor container, английский
      Контейнер "аудитор"

    Auditor container login, английский
      Регистрация аудитора контейнера (в netware)

    Auditor [oris, m], латинский

    Auditor's report, английский

    Auditor, oris, m, латинский

    Auditores, латинский

    Auditoria, испанский
      Cuando records o cuentas son revisadas para determiner si estan bien y completas

    Auditorium, шведский

    Auditorium, английский
    1. That part of a theater, school, or public building which is set aside for the audience for listening and viewing.

    2. Аудитория (помещение); зрительный зал о ~ with fixed seats зрительный зал с постоянными сидениями; ~ with movable seats зрительный зал с непостоянными [перемещаемыми] сидениями

    Auditorium, французский

    Auditorium bay, английский

    Auditorium block (block of lecture halls and accessory rooms), английский

    Auditorium building, английский

    Auditorium plan, английский
      A plan, 1 employed in church architecture where the plan of the sanctuary somewhat resembles a common plan of a modern auditorium.

    Auditorium seating, английский
      Manufactured row chairs for stepped, level, or inclined floors in rooms or areas occupied by an audience.

    Auditorium seating., английский

    Auditorium, ii, n, латинский

    Auditors of the imprest, английский
      Officers who had the charge of the great accounts of the royal customs, naval and military expenses, &c.; they are now superseded by the commissioners for auditing the public accounts.

    Auditory, английский
    1. In ancient churches, that part of the church where the people usually stood to be instructed in the gospel; now called the nave. auger 1. a hand-held carpenter’s tool for boring holes in wood, similar to, but larger than, a gimlet; has a long steel bit usually not larger than 1 in. (25 mm) in diameter. 2. a rotary drill, usually powered, for cutting circular holes in earth or rock.

    2. A 1 анат. слуховой; 2 псхл. аудиальный4 analysis, comprehension, technique

    Net income), английский

    Loss on sale, английский