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Bit balling

Глоссарий по геологии и горным работам

    Скругливание долота, русский

    Ball, английский
    1. Удовольствие, кайф любого рода.

    2. Ballast

    3. Balloon

    4. 1. the soft part of the hand below the thumb 2. the soft part of the foot below the big toe

    5. Клубок

    6. Сигнальный шар

    7. In a general sense, implies a spherical and round body, whether naturally so or formed into that figure by art. in a military view it comprehends all sorts of bullets for fire-arms, from the cannon to the pistol: also those pyrotechnic projectiles for guns or mortars, whether intended to destroy, or only to give light, smoke, or stench.

    8. [1] short form of cannon ball. [2] see anchor ball, tide ball, time ball.

    Ball, английский

    Ball, английский

    Ball (-) flower, английский
      Архитектурный орнамент (в вогнутом архитектурном обломе) в виде шариков, покрытых тремя лепестками

    Ball -, английский
    1. Бальный [танцевальный] зал

    2. Петля с ходом на шарнире frail-joint" шаровой шарнир

    Ball abutment, английский

    Ball anchor, английский

    Ball and cage valve, английский
      An artificial heart valve, formed of a silicon ball which moves inside a metal cage to open and shut the valve

    Ball and chain, английский
      Любимая женщина (ball and chain - "ядро и цепь" - вешали на ноги каторжникам и рабам).

    Ball and flower, английский

    Ball and socket joint, английский
      A joint where the round end of a long bone is attached to a cup-shaped hollow in another bone in such a way that the long bone can move in almost any direction. compare ginglymus

    Ball and socket reamer, английский
      A borehole-reaming device consisting of a bit attached to a ball-and-socket or knuckle-joint member, which in turn is connected to the drill rods and used in borehole-deviation drilling. also called arc cutter.

    Ball attachments, английский
      Attachment used to increase retention of partial overdentures, supported on implants.

    Ball banger, английский
      See "banger"

    Ball banger, русский
      Смотри "banger"

    Ball bearing, английский
    1. An antifriction rolling type bearing containing rolling elements in the form of balls.

    2. A friction-reducing device consisting of hard steel balls in a circular race; also a descriptive term applied to some pieces of equipment, such as a swivel-type, double-tube core barrel, using ball bearings as load-bearing members on rotating parts.

    Ball bearing holography, английский

    Ball bearing starvation, английский

    Ball bearing suspension gyro, английский

    Ball bearing suspension system, английский

    Ball breaker, английский

    Скругливание долота, русский

    Биогеотехнология технология извлечения полезных ископаемых с помощью микроорганизмов см, также, русский