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Trephine bur

Глоссарий дантиста
    Cutting tool used to harvest cylindrical bone blocks.

Bur, английский
  1. Burroughs

  2. [the anglo-saxon burh]. a word connected with fortification in german, as in almost all the teutonic languages of europe. in arabic the same term, with the alteration of a letter, burj, signifies primarily a bastion, and by extension any fortified place on a rising ground. this meaning has been retained by all northern nations who have borrowed the word; and we, with the rest, name our towns, once fortified, burghs or boroughs.

Bur, шведский

Bur clover (var. burr clover) austral burr medic, английский

Burç, туркменский

Buraco, английский

Buraco, английский

Burada durabilir misiniz?, турецкий

Buratite, английский

Buraya oturabilir miyim?, турецкий

Burbankite, английский

Burbot, английский
    A fresh-water fish (molva lota) in esteem with fishermen.

Burbuja, испанский

Burbujas de aire, испанский

Burch, английский

Burchard, английский

Burda, английский

Burdach, английский

Burden, английский
  1. Is the quantity of contents or number of tons weight of goods or munitions which a ship will carry, when loaded to a proper sea-trim: and this is ascertained by certain fixed rules of measurement. the precise burden or burthen is about twice the tonnage, but then a vessel would be deemed deeply laden.

  2. Нагрузка

  3. All types of rock or earthy materials overlying bedrock. see cover. mantle, overburden.

  4. Valueless material overlying ore, especially that removed by stripping. also called mantle, overburden.

Burden, английский

Burden (early modern english: burthen, middle english: byrthen), английский
    The builder`s old measurement, expressed in "tons bm" or "tons bom", a volumetric measurement of cubic cargo capacity, not of weight. this is the tonnage of a ship, based on the number of tuns of wine that it could carry in its holds. one 252-gallon tun of wine takes up approximately 100 cubic feet – and, incidentally, weighs 2,240 lbs (1 long ton, or imperial ton).

Burden (the), английский
    Charge (la);enfournement;lit de

Cylindrical, английский

Zirconia abutments, английский
    Offer high esthetic s and are biocompatible, customizable and have superior strength characteristics.

Surgical kit, английский
    Drills and instruments designed to assist with a wide range of implant placement procedures.