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Bore protector

Глоссарий терминов по подводному бурению (английский, русский)
    Защитная втулка (блока превенторов, подвесных и устьевых головок)

Bore, английский
  1. A broken swell wave travelling shorewards across the surf zone. see also tidal bore.

  2. A sudden and rapid flow of tide in certain inlets of the sea; as the monstrous wave in the river hooghly, called bahu by the natives, which rolls in with the noise of distant thunder at flood-tide. it occurs from february to november, at the new and full moon. its cause has not been clearly defined, although it probably arises from the currents during spring-tides, acting on a peculiar conformation of the banks and bed of the river; it strikes invariably on the same part of the banks, majestically rolling over to one side, and passing on diagonally to the other with impetuous violence. the bore also

  3. [1] the inside of a gun barrel. [2] its diameter or caliber. [3] a tidal wave rushing upstream from an estuary, an eagre. [4] to proceed steadily or laboriously (e.g., a destroyer boring through heavy seas, or an icebreaker boring through an icefield). [5] to make a hole or tunnel by drilling, digging, or burrowing. [6] a dull or tedious person.

  4. To cut a circular hole by the rotary motion of a cutting tool.

  5. A circular hole made by boring.

  6. A tunnel, especially during the time it is being excavated. 4. inside diameter of a cylinder, such as the inside diameter of piston cylinders on a pump or recipro- eating engine.

Bore, английский

Bore, английский

Bore (to), английский

Bore diameter, английский

Bore down, английский
    Sailed down from to windward.

Bore hole, английский

Bore hunting, английский

Bore missing, английский
    Пропущенное (при обработке на станке с чпу) отверстие (детали); необработанное (напр., вследствие сбоя устройства чпу) отверстие

Bore protector spear, английский
    Инструмент для извлечения защитной втулки

Bore rod, английский
    Boring rod. term used primarily by soil and foundation testing engineers for the equipment customarily called a drill rod by drillers and miners.

Bore sighter, английский

Bore well -, английский
    Фильтр трубчатого колодца

Bore [wash] mud, английский

Bore, as in bore up or bore away, английский
    To assume a position to engage, or disengage, the enemy ship(s)

Boreal, английский

Boreal ecosystem atmosphere study, английский

Boreal forest, английский
    The forest areas of the northern north temperate zone dominated by coniferous trees such as spruce, fir and pine.

Borealis [e], латинский

Boreas, английский
  1. Boreal ecosystem atmosphere study

  2. A classical name for the north wind, still in use; indeed a brackish proverb for extreme severity of weather says—“cold and chilly, like boreas with an iceberg in each pocket.”

  3. Greek god of the cold and powerful north wind, whose name was still common among seafarers in the 19th century. ancient artists usually depicted him as an old man with shaggy hair and beard, whistling through a conch shell, clad in a short pleated tunic and wearing a billowing cloak. often he had serpent tails instead of feet. see also gods of the wind.

Bore protector spear, английский
    Инструмент для извлечения защитной втулки

Bop wellhead connector, английский
    Муфта блока превенторов для ооединения о устьем (подводной окважияы)