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I cannot speak this language but I understand it perfectly!

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Peedy gonzales

    1. people, especially women, who do not travel to the bathroom in a group but instead pee quickly, wash their hands, and return ruining everyone╥s chance to talk behind their backs. example i am the original peddy gonzales and amaze other women with my power to pee quickly and not check my makeup after. what the hell are they doing in the bathroom that requires a face check?

Especially, английский

Peekasso, английский
    A dog that is half pekingnese and half lhasa apso. it is an abstract dog, very artistic. specialty is cubism. origin spain. example

Peedeeque, английский
    Pretty dumb question. sometimes pretty damn quick. example he asks more peedeeques than any man i ever heard. you better make up your bed pdq.