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  1. Acronym formed from "binary digit". the basic unit of information in a computer or digital system either 1 or 0.

  2. Единица кодирования цифровой информации (0 или 1, да или нет). является сокращением от "binary digit"

  3. Бит

  4. Built-in testing

  5. A contraction of binary digit. elementary digital information that can only be 0 or 1. the

  6. Binary digit

  7. Built-in-test (system)

  8. Bomber unit

  9. The smallest unit of memory; a contraction from `binary` and `digit`. binary digits are 0 and 1, also known as ons and offs.

  10. A contraction of the words binary digit, the smallest unit of information. a code element of digital transmission. one bit per second equals one baud binary digit single unit of information 0 or 1. see kbps or mbps.

  11. A contraction of binary digit. elementary digital information that can only be 0 or 1. the smallest part of information in a binary notation system. a bit is a single 1 or 0. a group of bits, such as 8 bits or 16 bits, compose a byte. the number of bits in a byte depends on the processing system being used. typical byte sizes are 8, 16 and 32.

  12. A bit (binary digit) is the smallest unit of digital information. eight bits equals one byte. digital images are often described by the number of bits used to represent each pixel, i.e., a 1-bit image is monochrome; an 8-bit image supports 256 colors or grayscales; while 24 or 32-bit images support an even greater range of color.

  13. The smallest unit of information upon which digital communications are based; also an electrical or optical pulse that carries this information.

  14. The smallest unit of memory. the word comes from binary and digit or 1 and 0. also sometimes known as on and offs.

  15. A west indian silver coin, varying from 4_d. to 6_d. in america it is 12-1/2 cents, and in the spanish settlements is equal with the real, or one-eighth of a dollar. it was, in fact, spanish money cut into bits, and known as “cut-money.”

  16. Бит; двоичный разряд 32-bit 32-разрядный; 32-битовый

  17. The metal part of the bridle that goes in the horse’s mouth

  18. A device placed in the mouth of the horse as a means of control attached to the bridle and the reins or lines.

Bite, английский
  1. Укус; прикус; кусать

  2. Built-in-test equipment

  3. Built-in test equipment

  4. Verb used in reference to a rudder, as in "the rudder begins to bite." when a vessel has steerageway the rudder will act to steer the vessel, i.e. it has enough water flow past it to steer with. physically this is noticeable with tiller or unassisted wheel steering by the rudder exhibiting resistance to being turned from the straight ahead - this resistance is the rudder "biting" and is how a helmsman first senses that the vessel has acquired steerageway.

  5. 1. the action of biting or of being bitten 2. a place or mark where someone has been bitten  a dog bite  an insect bite

  6. Mordedura, picadura, mordisco

  7. In glazing, the distance by which the inner edge of a frame (or a stop) overlaps the edge of the glass or panel. bit gauge, bit stop a metal piece temporarily fixed to a bit to prevent drilling too deeply in a blind hole.

  8. Is said of the anchor when it holds fast in the ground on reaching it. also, the hold which the short end of a lever has upon the thing to be lifted. also, to bite off the top of small-arm cartridges.

  9. An anchor is said to bite when its flukes dig in without dragging.

Бит (единица информации), русский
    ~-by-bit encryptioпобитовое шифрование

Бит, русский
    (англ . bit, от binary - двоичный и digit - знак), двоичная единица, в теории информации единица количества информации. бит в вычислительной технике - двоичная цифра, двоичный разряд. число бит памяти эвм определяет максимальное количество двоичных цифр, вмещаемых ею; число бит данных есть количество двоичных разрядов, в которых они записаны.

Built-in testing, английский

Встроенный контроль, русский

Binary digit, английский
  1. Двоичный знак [цифра], двоичная единица информации, бит

  2. Двоичная цифра; двоичный разряд

Built-in-test (system), английский
    Встроенная система контроля

Bomber unit, английский
    Подразделение бомбардировщиков

Технология широкополосной инфраструктуры;, русский

Передача двоичных данных; передача двоичной информации, русский

Broadband infrastructure technology;, русский

Binary information transfer, английский
    Передача двоичной информации; передача двоичных данных

Туалетная, русский
    Подсобное помещение в квартире для хранения носильных вещей, переодевания, приведения в порядок внешности

Удила, русский
    Общее название трензелей, мундштуков, пелямов, применяемых для взнуздывания лошадей и управления ими при помощи поводьев или вожжей.

Information, английский
  1. Knowledge of a particular event or situation, or knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact.

  2. Информация

  3. Facts about something  have you any information about the treatment of sunburn?  the police won’t give us any information about how the accident happened.  you haven’t given me enough information about when your symptoms started.  that’s a very useful piece or bit of information. (note: no plural: some information; a piece of information.)

  4. N информация | attr. информационный flow, structure source of ~ источник информации 1 ранее использовался в более широком значении как ‘умозаключе- ние’. 2 получение выводных данных в процессе обработки информации и/или языка и само выводное знание, умозаключение; мыслительная операция, в ходе которой человек выходит за пределы данных в тек- сте сведений и получает новую информацию. 3 аффикс, вставляемый внутрь корня слова при словообразовании или словоизменении.

  5. In admiralty courts, implies a clause introduced into a citation, intimating that in the event of a party cited not appearing, the court will proceed in his absence.

  6. Информация; данные; сведения

  7. Координационный комитет ин4юрмации о проектируемых и возводимых объектах строительства

Информации, русский

Contraction, английский
  1. The shortening of rails under the influence of falling temperatures.

  2. Сокращение; сужение

  3. A single word made out of two words. german contractions do not use

  4. 1. the act of making something smaller or of becoming smaller  the contraction of dental services 2. a tightening movement which makes a muscle shorter, which makes the pupil of the eye smaller or which makes the skin wrinkle 3. a movement of the muscles of the uterus occurring during childbirth  her contractions began at one o’clock.

  5. Contracción

  6. Of concrete, the sum of volume changes occurring as the result of all processes affecting the bulk volume of a mass of concrete. contraction joint 1. an expansion joint, 1. 2. a joint between adjacent parts of a structure which permits movement between them resulting from contraction.

  7. N 1 стяжение, сокра- щение, контракция1; 2 стяженная форма contranym (сontronym ) n энантионим2 (син. antagonym, autoantonym)

  8. Сокращение, сужение; сжатие; образование шейки; усадка о ~

Elementary, английский
  1. Элементарный

  2. A эле- ментарный transformation elicitation n псхл. выявление9

Transmission, английский
  1. Passage of electromagnetic radiation through a medium.

  2. Transmisión

  3. The property in a merchantman, or a share therein, transmitted in

  4. Передача; привод; коробка передач; трансмиссия; прохождение; распространение ~ of loads передача нагрузок

Black level, английский
  1. Part of the video signal, just above the sync level corresponding to 0.3v this is where black parts of an image are electronically represents.

  2. The dark parts of a video signal corresponding to approximately 0.3 volts.

  3. A part of the video signal, close to the sync level, but slightly above it (usually 20 mv

  4. A part of the video signal, close to the sync level, but slightly above it (usually 20 mv50 mv) in order to be distinguished from the blanking level. it electronically represents the black part of an image, whereas the white part is equivalent to 0.7 v from the sync level.

Baud, английский
  1. Data transfer rate, named after maurice emile baud, equal to 1bit per second.

  2. A unit used in describing the rate of character transmission and equal to approximately one bit per second.

  3. Единица измерения, выражающая число изменений состояния канала связи в секунду (для модема

  4. Бод

  5. Бод. скорость передачи данных бит/сек.

  6. Data rate, named after maurice emile baud, which generally is equal to 1 bit/s. baud is

  7. A unit of digital transmission signaling speed derived from the duration of the shortest code element. speed in bauds is the number of code elements per second. 300 is low, 2400 and 9600 are much faster and common for transmitting data by computer.

  8. Data rate, named after maurice emile , which generally is equal to 1 bit/s. is equivalent to bits per second in cases where each signal event represents exactly 1 bit. typically, the baud settings of two devices must match if the devices are to communicate with one another.

  9. The number of signal-level transitions per second in a digital data. for some common coding schemes, this equals bits per second, but this is not true for more complex coding. bits per second is less ambiguous. a unit of signaling speed equal to the number of signal symbols per second, which may or may not be equal to the data rate in bits per second.