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Joule (j)

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    A unit of energy (1 watt-second) used to describe the rate of energy delivery. it is equal to 1 watt-second or 0.239 calorie. a basic unit of energy. a 1 watt transmitter radiates 1 joule of energy every second. joule/cm2 is a unit of radiant exposure used in measuring the amount of energy incident upon a unit area.

Joule, английский
  1. The joule (j) is the si unit of energy. one joule is the energy expended when a force of one newton is applied over a displacement of one meter in the direction of the force. the use of the joule is probably limited in radiation protection but is used in

  2. A unit of work, energy, or heat. 1j (joule)=1 nm) (newton meter).

  3. Джоуль

  4. A unit of energy or work; equals the work done by a force of 1 newton which acts over a distance of 1 metre in the direction of the force.

  5. The si unit of measurement of work or energy. 4.184 joules equals one calorie. symbol j

Transmitter, английский
  1. Передатчик; датчик

  2. Передатчик

  3. A device that includes a source and driving electronics. it functions as an electrical-to-optical converter.

  4. Измерительный преобразователь

Watt/cm2, английский
    A unit of irradiance used in measuring the amount of power per area of absorbing surface, or per area of cw laser beam.

Electron volt [ev], английский
    A unit of energy