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Electromagnetic radiation (spectrum)

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    A wave which propagates in vacuum with the speed of light, and composed of simultaneous oscillations of electric field and magnetic field perpendicular to each other, and perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the beam. created by accelerating electric charge, and includes x-rays, visible spectrum, infrared spectrum, microwave, etc.

Simultaneous, английский
  1. Одновременный

  2. A одновременный, синхронный component, interpreting

Oscillations, английский

Perpendicular, английский
  1. Перпендикуляр; перпендикулярный

  2. A right line falling from or standing upon another vertically, and making the angle of 90° on both sides.

  3. Перпендикуляр

Propagation, английский
  1. Прохождение, распространение (напр, радиоволн)

  2. An act of causing something to spread or multiply

  3. Распространение; размножение; продвижение; передача

  4. Распространение

Yag (yttrium aluminum garnet), английский
    A widely used solid-state crystal which is composed of yttrium and aluminum oxides which is doped with a small amount if the rare-earth neodymium.

Milliwatt (mw), английский
    A unit of power equal to one-thousandth of a watt. mode locked