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Secured enclosure

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    An enclosure to which casual access is impeded by an appropriate means (e.g., door secured by lock magnetically or electrically operated, by a latch, or by screws).

Enclosure, английский
  1. A cabinet used to organize and enclose cable terminations and splices for use within main equipment rooms, entrance facilities, main or intermediate cross-connects and telecommunications closets.

  2. Приложение

  3. Ограждение

Enclosure panel, английский
    Ограждающая панель

Enclosures, английский
    Международный конгресс по пространственным оболочечный покрытиям

Secure, английский
  1. To make fast.

  2. Безопасный, над?жный, защищ?нный от

  3. The make safe or tie down.

  4. [1] to prepare a ship for wave action by tying down all loose objects and covering all openings. [2] to fasten two or more objects together. [3] to tighten something (e.g., a hatch cover). [4] to end some condition (e.g., general quarters). [5] to stop using something (e.g., main engines). [6] a former gunnery command to arrange breeching and tackles so that the guns shall be in no danger of breaking loose in a seaway.

Secure, английский

Secure, латинский

Secure a loan, английский
    Предоставить гарантию по займу

Secure access facility for enterprise, английский
    Средства доступа к защищенным данным в сети масштаба предприятия

Secure access management;, русский

Secure airborne radar equipment, английский
    Самолетная радиолокационная аппаратура скрытной связи

Secure arms, английский
    Place them under the left arm, to guard the lock from the weather or rain.

Secure communication office, английский
    Управление обеспечения скрытной связи s/co spacecraft observer наблюдатель кла

Secure communications processor, английский

Secure digital, английский
    . see sd above.

Secure electronic payment protocol, английский

Secure electronic signature devices, английский

Secure electronic transaction, английский

Secure electronic transactions, английский

Secure fast packet switching, английский

Secure hash algorithm; secure hashing algorithm, английский

Secure hash standard, английский

Appropriate, английский
    Подходящий; соответствующий

Electrical, английский

Limiting exposure duration, английский
    An exposure duration which is specifically limited by the design or intended use(s).

Pockel`s cell, английский
    An electro-optical crystal used as a q-switch.