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Lambertian surface

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    An ideal diffuse surface whose emitted or reflected radiance (brightness) is dependent on the viewing angle.

Lambertian emitter, английский
    An emitter that radiates according to lambert’s cosine law, which states that the radiance of certain idealized surfaces depends on the viewing angle of the surface. the radiant intensity of such a surface is maximum normal to the surface and decreases in proportion to the cosine of the angle from the normal. given by:

Lambertian source or surface, английский
  1. A surface is called a lambert radiator or reflector (depending

  2. A surface is called a lambert radiator or reflector (depending whether the surface is a primary or a secondary source of light) if it is a perfectly diffusing surface.

Surface, английский
  1. Поверхность; поверхностный; наземный

  2. Поверхность; площадь

  3. The top layer of something  the surfaces of the two membranes may rub together.

  4. Поверхность

  5. A поверхностный (ант. deep) case, structure 1 о степени сравнения прилагательного или наречия. 2 в латинском языке: отглагольное существительное, придающее обо- роту значение цели. 3 морфологический процесс; добавление надсегментных единиц – смена места ударения при словообразовании.

  6. [1] the upper boundary or air/liquid interface of the water in a river, lake, sea, or ocean. [2] to rise to that boundary.

  7. Дефекты на поверхности штукатурки; поверхностные дефекты штукатурного намёта; ~ per unit число [количество] дефектов на одно изделие

Surface (track), английский
    The plane of the track and trackwork with reference to the graded longitudinal section.

Surface -, английский
  1. Наземный резервуар

  2. Поверхностная проводимость

  3. Поверхностный воздухоосушитель

Surface - secteur, французский

Surface accumulator, английский
    Надводный аккумулятор

Surface acoustic wave, английский
    Поверхностная акустическая волна

Surface acoustic wave device, английский
    Прибор на пав

Surface action group, английский
    A temporary or standing organization of surface combatant ships, tailored for a specific tactical mission that does not require the aircraft of a strike group.

Surface active agent, английский

Surface ae ra t i on, английский

Surface aerator, английский

Surface aerator complete mix system, английский

Surface air -, английский
    Косвенное испарительное охлаждение

Surface analysis, английский
    The weather map depicting surface weather conditions plotted from reported data or generated by computer models. surface analysis maps generally display isobars, fronts and centres of high and low pressure.

Surface anchoring, английский
    Поверхностное закрепление

Surface anisotropic etch, английский

Surface antigens, английский
    Поверхностные антигены

Surface arcade, английский

Brightness, английский
  1. Term for the intensity of illumination of a reproduced video picture.

  2. The attribute of visual perception in accordance with which an area appears to emit or reflect more or less light (this attribute of color is used in the color model hsb - hue, saturation, brightness). see lightness.

  3. A term to indicate the relative amount of light intensity available. brighter is more light, dimmer is less light. in an infrared system, the brightness control may affect actual image intensity or it may change the temperature range displayed. either eff

  4. The attribute of visual perception in accordance with which an area appear to emit more of less light. (luminance is the recommended name for the photo-electric quantity which has also been called brightness.)

  5. In ntsc and pal video signals, the brightness information at any particular instant in

  6. Яркость

  7. The value of a pixel in an electronic image, representing its lightness value from black to white. usually defined as brightness levels ranging in value from 0 (black) to 255 (white).

  8. In ntsc and pal video signals, the brightness information at any particular instant in a picture is conveyed by the corresponding instantaneous dc level of active video. control is an adjustment of setup (black level, black reference).

  9. Is strictly defined as an attribute of a visual sensation according to which an area appears to emit more or less light. we sometimes misuse the term brightness in this catalog instead of the more correct “luminance.” luminance, used for sources, is the luminous flux in an elemental beam from a given point per unit area per solid angle in the specified direction.

  10. The visual sensation of the luminous intensity of a light source. the brightness of a laser beam is most closely associated with the radiometric concept of radiance.

  11. A term mostly used in a qualitative way, related to the output power and beam quality of a laser; quantitatively

  12. The luminance of objects. the brightness of any area of the subject is dependent on how much light falls on it and how reflective it is. brightness range is the relationship we perceive between the light and dark subjects in a scene. brightness contrast is a judgment of the relative measure of that range, such as high, low, or normal. brightness values are sometimes referred to as ev (exposure values), a combination of aperture and shutter speed. brightness values in the scene are translated to tonal values on film.

  13. Value of a pixel in a digital image giving its value of lightness from black to white, with o being black and 255 being white.

  14. That attribute of visual perception in accordance with which a surface appears to emit more light or less light. now called luminance.

Calorimeter, английский
    An instrument which measures the energy, usually as heat, generated by absorption of the laser beam.

Extended source, английский
    An extended source of radiation can be resolved into a geometrical image in contrast with a point source of radiation, which cannot be resolved into a geometrical image. a light source whose diameter subtends a relatively large angle from an observer.