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Failsafe interlock

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    An interlock where the failure of a single mechanical or electrical component of the interlock will cause the system to go into, or remain in, a safe mode.

Failsafe, английский
    Предохранительное устройство

Failsafe type tool gripper, английский
    Безопасный захват (устройства смены) инструмента; безопасная работа охвата инструмента

Interlock, английский
  1. Interaction of equipment controlling points and/or signals to prevent conflicting movements, and to make sure that routes are set correctly.

  2. Блокировка

Interlock, немецкий
    Sehr dehnfähige, doppelflächige kulierware die auf beiden warenseiten nur rechte maschen zeigt aber nicht gerippt ist

Interlock circuit, английский
    Схема блокировки; цепь блокировки

Interlock code, английский
    Код блокировки interlocked handshakingквитирование с взаимоблокировкой

Interlock indicator, английский
    Индикатор блокировки

Interlock register, английский
    Регистр блокировки

Interlock state, английский
    Состояние взаимоблокировки; тупик interlude вставка

Interlock switch, английский
    Локировочный выключатель датчик)

Interlock valve systems, английский

Interlocked, английский
  1. Interconnected components of signalling and signal systems, with or without points or crossings, designed so that no conflicting movements can be signalled.

  2. Two or more components, members, or items of equipment which are arranged mechanically or electrically to operate or to be placed in some specific relationship with each other. interlocked grain, twisted grain wood in which the fibers are angled in different directions every few annual rings; produces ribbonstripe grain when quartersawn. interlocking joint 1. a form of joggle in which a rib or other protrusion on one stone complements a routed groove or slot on another; prevents relative displacement. 2. a joint formed between sheet-metal parts by engaging their edges which have been preformed to provide a continuous locked splice.

Interlocked -, английский
    Централизованный сбрасыватель 184 design

Interlocked - timber in which fibres are inclined in one direction in a number of rings of annual or seasonal growth, then reverse and are inclined in an opposite direction in succeeding growth rings., английский

Interlocked grain, английский
    Grain where the angle of the fibres periodically changes or reverses in successive layers.

Interlocked grain., английский

Interlocked sequencing, английский
    Постоянный цикл работы; жестко заданный цикл работы

Interlocked station, английский
    Any station at which the apparatus for working the points and signals is centralised and arranged to prevent conflicting movements. the operation of the points and signals is manually controlled and in addition, on automatic signalling systems, also controlled by track circuits.

Interlocked‑grained wood, английский
    Grain in which the fibers put on for several years may slope in a right‑handed direction,

Interlocking, английский
  1. A general term applied to equipment that controls setting and releasing signals and points to prevent an unsafe condition of the signalling system arising during the passage of a train.

  2. Блокировка; блокирование; запирание

Mechanical, английский

Electrical, английский

Beam expander, английский
    An optical device that increases beam diameter while decreasing beam divergence (spread). in its simplest form, consists of two lenses, the first to diverge the beam and the second to re-collimate it. also called an upcollimator.

Heterodyne detection, английский
    An interferometer in which the two signals differ in frequency and cause a beat frequency to be produced. usually, one signal is a powerful local oscillator.