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Ar coatings

Glossary Of Laser Terminology
    Antireflection coatings are used on optical components to suppress unwanted reflections.

Coat, английский
  1. Шерстный покров

  2. Corrected outside air temperature

  3. To cover or apply to a substrate surface a layer of a photoresist material by dipping

  4. A single layer of plaster, paint, or any type of material applied to a surface.

  5. A layer of material covering an organ or a cavity  verb to cover something with something else

  6. A piece of tarred canvas nailed round above the partners, or that part where the mast or bowsprit enters the deck. its use is to prevent the water from running down between decks. there is sometimes a coat for the rudder, nailed round the hole where the rudder traverses in the ship`s counter. it also implies the stuff with which the ship`s sides or masts are varnished, to defend them from the sun and weather, as turpentine, pitch, varnish, or paint; in this sense we say, “give her a coat of tar or paint.” by neglecting the scraper this may become a crust of coatings.

Coat colour, английский

Coat of mail, английский
    The chiton shell.

Coat rack, английский
    A storage rack for coats and hats; may include a boot rack, umbrella stand, and drip tray. coatroom 1.a cloakroom. 2. a room for the deposit or checking of outer garments. coaxial cable 1. a cable consisting of two concentric conductors (an inner conductor and an outer conductor) insulated from each other by a dielectric; commonly used for the transmission of high-speed electronic data and/or video signals. 2. a single transmission cable having a concentric conductor and shielding; used for communications transmission, such as for television signals. coal-tar felt 224 coated electrode coaxial cable

Coated, английский
    С покрытием

Coated bar, английский
    A reinforcing bar that has been coated to increase its resistance to corrosion. coated base sheet, coated base felt a roofing material consisting of asphalt-saturated felt which is coated with a harder viscous asphalt to increase its impermeability to moisture significantly. coated electrode, light-coated electrode a filler-metal electrode used in arc welding which consists of a metal wire having a light coating to stabilize the arc.

Coated card, английский
    Плата с упрочнением

Coated electrode, английский

Coated electrode., английский

Coated glass, английский
    Glass having a coating designed to admit light over most of the visible range but to block light in the ultraviolet and infrared ranges; the coating reflects some of heat generated within a building so that it remains in the building instead of largely being transmitted through the window, thereby effecting a saving of heat during the winter; often applied on glazing in a double window construction.

Coated glass and tinted glass., английский

Coated lens, английский

Coated macadam, английский

Coated nail, английский
    An enameled nail, cement-coated nail or mechanically galvanized nail.

Coated paper, английский
    Paper having a surface coating that produces a smooth finish. surface appearances may vary from eggshell to glossy.

Coated sands, английский

Coated tongue, английский
    Same as furred tongue

Coater, английский
    Part of a litho printing press which applies coatings to printed board.

Coaters and laminators, английский
    Ассоциация промышленников-специалистов по металлизации и плакированию

Coates, английский

Coati, английский
    Tupi coatí

Antireflection, английский

Components, английский

Reflections, английский
    Out-of-control reflections can hurt your image; controlled ones can enrich it. tips: keep the subject in full sun, the reflecting surface, such as water, in shade. reflections on water are most pronounced when the lens is at a low angle. most mirrors add a greenish cast to the image. normal mirrors add a "ghost reflection" to the main reflection; use a first surface mirror for critical images.

Enclosed laser device, английский
    Any laser or laser system located within an enclosure which does not permit hazardous optical radiation emission from the enclosure. the laser inside is termed an "embedded laser".

Beam divergence, английский
  1. Angle of beam spread measured in radians or milliradians (1 milliradian = 3.4 minutes-of-arc or approximately 1 mil). for small angles where the cord is approximately equal to the arc, the beam divergence can be closely approximated by the ratio of the cord length (beam diameter) divided by the distance (range) from the laser aperture.

  2. A measure for how fast a laser beam expands far from its focus