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Light Glossary
  1. Coming up with the ultimate image, a lot of electricity, or a good cup of coffee on a late night shoot, just when all seems lost. quote: "creativity" describes a state of grace in which commerce, ego, and, lastly, taste, are all sufficiently served. - tom mcdonough [ly]

  2. A coping strategy in speaking which involves the use of first language, direct translation from first language or simple invention of terms and structures.

Electricity, английский
  1. Электричество

  2. Energy resulting from the flow of charge particles, such as electrons or ions.

  3. The movement of electrons (a subatomic particle), produced by a voltage, through a conductor.

  4. Energy resulting from the flow of charged particles, such as electrons or ions.

  5. The fl ow of passing charge through a conductor, driven by a difference in voltage between the ends of the conductor. electrical power is generated by work from heat in a gas or steam turbine or from wind, oceans or falling water, or produced directly from sunlight using a photovoltaic device or chemically in a fuel cell. being a current, electricity cannot be stored and requires wires and cables for its transmission (see grid). because electric current fl ows immediately, the demand for electricity must be matched by production in real time.

Translation, английский
  1. Standard service offered by wordbank as part of our four-stage localization process.

  2. Метод передачи информации через разнородные сети, согласно которому формат пакета, проходящего через транзитную сеть, преобразуется в формат, определяемый протоколом этой сети

  3. Перемещение; поступательное движение

  4. 1. the act of putting something written or spoken in one language into words of a different language 2. the process by which information in messenger rna controls the sequence of amino acids assembled by a ribosome during protein synthesis

  5. A linear displacement; in kinematics, a motion of a body such that a set of rectangular axes, fixed in the body, remains parallel to a set of axes fixed in space.

  6. N 1 письменный пере- вод (ср. interpretingi); 2 псхл. перевод6; 3 слог model adapted ~ адаптированный перевод adequate ~ адекватный перевод antonymic ~ антонимический перевод artistic ~ художественный перевод (син. literary ~) closed ~ закрытый слог communicative ~ коммуникативный перевод computer-aided ~ компьютерный перевод (см. тж. machine ~) descriptive ~ описательный перевод 6 процесс перефразирования высказываний, изменяющий предикаты одной системы представления знаний на предикаты другой. translative 92 uncial direct ~ прямой перевод (на родной язык ) equivalent ~ эквивалентный перевод explicatory ~ объяснительный перевод free ~ вольный перевод full ~ полный перевод (ант. partial ~) human ~ перевод, сделанный человеком machine-aided ~ ~ перевод, сделанный че- ловеком при помощи компьютера (ант. human-aided machine translation) informative ~ информационный перевод, пе- ревод информационных материалов interlanguage ~ межъязыковой перевод interlinear ~ подстрочный перевод intersemiotic ~ межсемиотический перевод intralinguistic ~ внутриязыковой перевод inverse ~ перевод с родного языка на ино- странный literal ~ буквальный перевод literary ~ литературный, художественный пе- ревод (син. artistic ~) loan ~ калька; калькирование machine ~ машинный перевод (ант. human ~; см. тж. computer-aided ~) human-aided ~ ~ перевод, сделанный ком- пьютером при участии редактора (ант. machine-aided human translation) metonymical ~ метонимический перевод one-way ~ односторонний перевод (ант. twoway ~) partial ~ частичный перевод (ант. full ~) semantic ~ семантический перевод sense-for-sense ~ перевод по смыслу sight ~ перевод с листа two-way ~ двусторонний перевод (ант. oneway ~) unit of ~ единица перевода word-for-word ~ дословный перевод translative n транслатив (тж. ~ case)

  7. Трансляция (перемещение, параллельное кристаллографической оси)

  8. A code whose domain and range consists of expressions of different langauges (rather than of the unordered characters of an alphabet) and whose aim is to bring information equivalent expressions into correspondence. translation usually focuses only on some, but not all, variables of information, e.g., poetic equivalences, semantic equivalences, pragmatic equivalences. irllih

  9. The process of moving an object in the 2d x-y coordinate system.

  10. The transfer of concepts from a source language text into a target language.

  11. Пересчет из одних мер или единиц в другие

  12. Перевод (валюты)

  13. Process of formation (decoding) proteins from rna

  14. Interpreting text from one language to another

  15. Interpreting text from one language to another changing a message from one language to another while keeping the meaning transnational corporation (tnc)

Sufficient, английский

Scrim, английский
  1. Commonly, a screen-like metal mesh used in front of a light to reduce intensity, not to diffuse it. but thanks to the mystery and magic of show biz, other devices that do diffuse are sometimes called scrims, especially in the world of theater. tip: if you can see a clear image through the material, there`s no diffusion and no confusion. also see: net.

  2. A translucent device used to diffuse and soften the light, could be a reflector with a translucent panel or option. also used on movie sets scrims can be made extremely large, several feet across, and clamped in place to create shade where these is direct sun without it.

  3. A lightweight, open weave, course fabric.

  4. Fabric with open construction used as base fabric in the production of coated or laminated fabrics.

  5. 1. a lightweight, open-weave, coarse fabric; the best qualities are made with two-ply yarns. cotton scrim usually comes in white, cream, or ecru and is used for window curtains and as backing for carpets. 2. fabric with open construction used as base fabric in the production of coated or laminated fabrics.

Color (moods and emotions), английский
    Color plays a role in affecting viewer`s moods and appetites. tip: use a light hand.